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Things I Love! You will too.

Low Carbing is easier with the right tools. And tastier with the best ingredients. There is a definite learning curve when it comes to the Low Carb Lifestyle and the 24/7 Low Carb Diner approach to menu planning and advanced prep. To help you out, I have created an Amazon Store filled with my favorite things. It is one stop shopping at its best. Plus, the little bit I earn as an Amazon Associate enables me to continue devoting time to recipe development and new cookbooks.

Take a look around at some of my favorite things!

The 24/7 Low Carb Diner Amazon Store

Since you may not know why each is a must have, I will detail the ways I use these items below. Then  you will love them too. This is a work in progress, so keep checking back.

Kitchen Electronics

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker -- I love this! I make low carb doughnut holes and cake balls that turn out perfectly round. I love it even better for savory treats like Tilapia Tots and Cheese Puppies. 

Babycakes Mini Doughnut Maker -- Coconut flour based doughnuts work so well in this machine. Never a sticking problem like I had with doughnut pans. Blueberry Poundcake doughnuts are so delicious.

Babycakes Cupcake Maker -- This is easier than cupcake pans and heating up the whole oven--especially in the warmer months. Easy savory breakfast muffins with most any crustless quiche recipe.

Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker -- I love waffle sticks for low carb waffles, but prefer the stick version over a flat waffle. Waffle sticks can be turned into sweet treats on a stick. Savory waffles are good as a bread side dish too. Inside out sandwiches with meat wrapped around a waffle stick is a fun lunch.

Immersion Blender -- I use this tool all the time. Quick smoothies, to blend in xanthan gum into sauces, to puree soup right in the pot, to make home made mayo...the list goes on. Even if you have a big blender, you want one of these.

Ninja Master Prep -- This little work horse can handle most of my blending needs. It makes great slushy drinks and can handle grinding chicken breasts. The layered blades are much better for grinding meat than a food processor.

Food Processor --I use my food processor most for the slicing blade. I make my caulirice here, because the cut is more uniform than in the Ninja. It is also best for making home made nut butters and coconut butter because the engine can run for longer periods of time without overheating.

Electric Multi Cooker -- One of my all time favorites! These double as programmable slow cookers and super fast and safe pressure cookers. I make the best hard boiled eggs under pressure. Easy peel. Layer foods and cook entire three course dinners. Cook foods from frozen to the table in so little time. It also steams. I love that it browns meat in the same pot that I can then slow cook. Fewer dishes to wash. It has a great keep warm function too.

Slowcookers--I suggest two sizes. One 6 quart for making Triple Play Meals and Freezer Favorites and one smaller appliance for Table for Two Meals. I own 4 different crockpots and use them all.

Hot Pot --This little pot makes boiling water fast. I use it all the time to make tea and French Press coffee. It is good for Jello and hot cocoa too. So much faster than heating on the stove.

Hand Mixer -- I cook and bake all the time and have always got along well without a super pricey stand mixer. These little hand units are plenty for my cooking, but I use it for whipping eggs whites and batters often.

Toaster Oven -- We don't eat a lot of toast, so I don't own a traditional toaster. I use the small oven often. I toast low carb rolls which I make in large batches and freeze. I use it to toast nuts and broil sometimes.

Ice Cream Maker --Home made ice cream is the best. This machine makes it easy. It replaced a hand crank that was cheaper but too labor intensive. You can also make wonderful protein shake ice creams that are healthy. Can't buy those at the grocery.

The 24/7 Low Carb Diner Amazon Store


Silicone Liners --Things don't stick. Use them for cheese crisps, cookies, so many things.

Rimmed Cookie Sheets --I prefer rimmed sheets, since I often bake my Omelet Rolls and bacon on my sheets.  You will never go back to frying bacon.

Casserole Dish Assortment -I love ceramic bakeware. Pretty on the table and very functional. This assortment includes ramekins, which I use all the time for individual servings.

Oblong Baking Dish with Cover -- I like one of these to transport dishes to potlucks and holidays.

Silicone Muffin Pans --When I make big batches of muffins, I prefer to bake them. The appliances are great, but better for smaller batches.

Silicone Cupcake Liners -- Perfect for microwave muffins. Awesome as condiment cups too, and bento lunch dividers. Cook breakfast muffins in these and freeze them in the cup for quick breakfasts.

Silicone Brownie Bites Pan -- I make individual bites with this pan. It is my choice for Cheesecake Dibs and to make coconut oil chocolates.

Pizza Stone - Stones are best for some baked goods, especially pizza crusts and rewarming low carb buns and breads. Get crispy bases that don't burn.

Pyrex Round Bowl with Lid --Love this style because I can bake in it, serve in it and store in it. So multi functional.

Cake Pan Set --A nice non stick set will be versatile. You can also use the bundt pan for jello desserts and ice rings. Springform pans are a must for Cheesecake lovers.

A La Mode Pie Pan -- I don't use this for pies but for small cakes. The indentation in the  cake is great for fruit toppings.

Muffin Cap Pan --This is my go to pan for making low carb hanburger buns. The size is just right. I also use it for mini pizza crusts.

The 24/7 Low Carb Diner Amazon Store

Stove Top Favorites

Starfrit Non-stick Skillet --a good non stick skillet is a must for delicate pancakes, egg crepes and is great for lower calories scrambled eggs. This is lower in the price range, and I have had good luck with it. The textured surface also seems to help the non stick quality. It is available in a tan color, but I found the outside stained with use, so the black is best.

Cast Iron Skillet --If you have a gas range, this is a workhorse. I use it all the time. A well seasoned cast iron is almost as non stick as treated pans. Versatile in that it transfers to the oven and broiler as well. Durable to last a lifetime.

Wilton Artmetale Bowls and Bun Warmer-- I have an oblong bowl that is wonderful because it is beautiful and versatile as both bakeware and serving pieces.  We use the bun warmer for the grill also. It is made to fit the back shelf. I love the shape for buffets and cobb salads. These can go from oven to table--even directly on a burner or grill. They are expensive but durable and multi-functional.

Silicone Utensils - a must have for non stick surfaces and for the Armtetale pieces.

Two Burner Griddle--I use this when we want to make a bigger batch of pancakes or grilled food for a crowd and it is too hot or cold outside. Cast Iron is good to take camping too.

Tools for the Kitchen

Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop - Of course, this is great for cookies, but I use it for meatballs more often.

Pastry Scraper - Very Versatile. Use it to pick up chopped veggies to transfer to the griddle. Great when chopping nuts or cutting my Chocolate Mint Ribbon Cookies.

Skewer and Grill Rack --Perfect or kabobs, a fantastic low carb treat. The rack keeps the foods from getting knocked off.

Instant Read Thermometer - I don't see the need for the fancier ones. I just like to know that the meat is up to temperature near the bone or center of meatloaves.

Meat Tenderizer/ Pounder --For even cooking, pound chicken breasts. Perfect for rolatinis.

Mix n' Chop -- This is perfect for blending meatloaf. I also use it when browning ground meats to break up the chunks.

Grapefruit Spoons - Not just for citrus fruit segments. I use mine most often to get the strings and seeds from squash. The serrated edge grabs the gooey parts and cleans them out with ease.

Japanese Rice Washer - I don't use this for rice, but for Shirataki Noodles and rice, which need to be rinsed before eating. The small bits fall through most colanders. This bowl rinses without losing the noodle.

Soda Stream--Makes carbonated water and diet beverages. Even if you don't drink sucralose sweetened sodas, this is a good base for making your own custom drinks.

Silicone Popsicle Mold --  Use these for ice pops--think yogurt based smoothies. They can also carry yogurt in brown bag lunches. 

Chop and Dice

Vegetti - a small hand held spiral slicer. Works fine, but has a bit more vegetable waste and can easily cut your fingers. I find the holder to be difficult to use. 2 sizes of cuts.

Crank Spiralizer - Newer models since I began spiralizing. This is an inexpensive model, not for commercial usage. More expensive models may be better for heavy usage. It should save the fingers and have less waste. 2 spiral cuts and a ribbon cut.

Spiral Slicer - I own this model. It is very lightweight, but still has not broken. My main complaint is that it spiral slices only a thin angel hair slice or a ribbon slice. No thicker zoodles are possible. Little waste and easy to use. 

Mandoline Slicer --I use this for quick jobs when I don't want to wash a food processor with all its parts. I love mine most for zucchini crisps baked in the microwave. Perfect thin slices. Better for softer foods than the spiral slicers. Many blade options too. Careful with the fingers!

Chopper - This is great when you want to finely chop onions and peppers, and even muts without a mess. So fast. I chop pepper and onion mixture to freeze. This makes that a quick chore. Also, nuts don't go flying off the cutting board with this!

Serrater --I use this for veggie chips, refrigerator pickles, rutabaga fries and more where a curvy edge helps crisp or hold sauces. Perfect for escabeche.

Kitchen Shears. Oh the uses! Snipping herbs, opening packages, crumbling bacon and a thousand other things. I even use it to cut meat into smaller pieces in the skillet or pot.  These also have a can opener and nutcracker. Come apart for cleaning.

The 24/7 Low Carb Diner Amazon Store

Storage and Travel Items

Foodsaver Vaccuum Sealing system -- Buy large quantities and break the goods down into smaller, freezable packing. Great results keeping food fresher. I also use it to make food storage in canning jars airtight.

Jar Attachments and Jars - sold separately to seal canning jars. Wide mouth is easiest to work with. Seal ingredients, leftovers or complete meals in a jar. Great for the Salad for a week in a Jar 

Prepworks Lettuce Keeper -- Make your green salad on the weekend and keep it fresh in this greens keeper that controls humidity.

Pyrex Storage Plus Set - Versatile. It is good to store foods in glass rather than plastic, especially if you plan to reheat them. Pyrex can be reheated easily in oven or microwave. Better still, you can see what is inside at a glance.

Microwavable Lunch Containers -- Inexpensive lunch containers for making pre-assembled lunches or TV dinners. Can go into the freezer or hold a week's worth of food. Two or three compartments available. Most can be used numerous times before they break. Cheap enough you could toss them if necessary during travel. Must be microwaved, not oven baked.

Microwave Storage Tray Containers - A sturdier take on pre-packing work lunches or freezing TV tray dinners. Must be microwaved, not oven baked.

Lunchbots Bento Container - very popular brand for taking meals on the go. Durable and no plastic. Different configurations of spaces to choose from. Not totally liquid tight. No cups to lose.  Bento helps plan a variety of foods per meal.

Bentoware - formerly Laptop Lunches. Bento helps organize balanced meals. with separate containers, you can take some away for bigger foods.

Glass Water Bottle --water tastes better in glass. Safer for use with essential oils as well. Other flavorings of water are good also. This bottle has a silicon protector on the outside.

The 24/7 Low Carb Diner Amazon Store

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