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Monday, February 16, 2009

Chinese Chicken Triple Play

Yesterday I made a big batch of Chinese Chicken for our Triple Play Meals this week. Maybe you'd like to see what we will be eating...

Meal #1 is Chinese Chicken with stir-fried veggies on Cauli-rice. Now that brings up a question I have heard a few times from new low carbers. Just what is Cauli-rice and how do you make it? Well, there are several ways to make it, and it depends on your kitchen equipment. This is a pretty standard recipe among low carbers, and you'll find several ways of doing it. None are too hard.

I love kitchen gadgets, but don't own a food processor. (other than my trusty knife and antique salsa maker from the fair) That's okay. If you have a big food processor, watch this video, and you will learn how to make a simple version of cauli-rice.

If not, just use your brain to figure out a way to get that cauliflower into tiny pieces. I use my old salsa maker, but some use the standard old cheese grater. If you find that grating raw cauliflower is drawing blood, try microwaving it for a few minutes to soften it up. Just be sure it doesn't have time to turn soggy, or you'll have a real mess. In that case, change the menu to mashed cauliflower!

If you want to use frozen cauliflower, you will end up with a softer rice, but still good. That is really hard to hand grate, though, so plan on cutting it with a chopper or knife.

Now if you finally got that cauliflower chopped to your liking, how do you cook it? More options. You can steam it in the microwave--dry, with a touch of water, or with a teaspoon of oil. Or, you can stir-fry in a skillet. For Asian dishes, I stir-fry with a bit of sesame oil.

Here is one more trick. If you have family members who aren't low carbers, keep a bag of cooked brown rice in the freezer. That way, you aren't spending an extra 40 minutes to feed everyone. I wouldn't recommend freezing the cauli-rice though; it tends to get a little spongy and changes flavors a bit.

The photo on top was tonight's dinner...the one below, just plain cauli-rice that I sauteed with sesame oil and one chicken boullion cube. Be looking for our other meals this week too--Exotic Chicken Wraps and Asian Chicken Salad with a dressing to die for.


NeeCee said...

Tonight I made the Creamy Chicken soup. Yuuummmmmmyyyy! I'm still smacking my lips!

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