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Friday, December 3, 2010

Red Wine Sausage and Peppers

We love sausage. It can be hard to find a good low carb sausage though, which isn't packed with carby fillers. Even some all natural brands are filled with sugar. Usually, finding a good sausage means handing over some serious cash. A while back though, John and I found these sausages by Colosimo's, "the sausage people." Pretty much all natural. A few of the flavors have some msg, and a touch of dextrose. But at one carb a generous link, it is a great deal. My son who is on a special diet could eat these. I was elated! Then, after we sampled three flavors, we went back for more. They were no where to be found. So sad. I loved the Italian New York style--the wine sausage too.They made an excellent change from chicken and beef. Better yet, I didn't have to do the grinding and shaping.

Then joy of joys. Just after I passed the samples lady giving away Hillshire Farms sausage, I spied them. There, in the freezer case sat the chance for us--all of us-- to eat these fabulous sausages again. Better yet, they were on sale. For these today, I paid just $3 a package at Reasor's foods. So, I grabbed five packages and stuck them into my freezer. I kept one out for dinner, though.

So I changed my plans from chicken to these sausages. Christian was happy. Dad was happy. Both health issues accommodated. Andrew was happy too--even though he doesn't eat a special diet and ate his with some bread. I can't really taste the wine, but they are good.

I served ours with grilled onions and peppers. On top, I grated some cheese. Super yummy and easy like no one's business. Better still, I got kisses for preparing this meal!

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Anonymous said...

Just looking back over some posts & found this one. I also discovered that Colosimo's is available online for those who can't find them at their local stores: