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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lasagna and Cheesecake Weeknight Style

Confessions of real life. I have Chicken Vindaloo in my crockpot. It would have helped to make sure the crockpot was plugged in. After discovering that it was cold at 4 p.m., I went to the next dinner selection on the menu. Just as good.

We all love lasagna. It can be expensive and a pain to make, though. This one is not too bad. I opted to use a Mutliply Meals recipe, but just do one casserole this time. It is easy to put together because I used Minute Beef. There, I skipped the browning the meat step. I made one portion of the recipe with real noodles for the carby boys, and used the zucchini slices for us. After all, the taste is in the sauce, not the noodles, right? Tonight, I decided to use some small individual casserole dishes. That helps me limit my serving size and makes an easy lunch box meal for later. My ceramic mini casseroles can be reheated in a microwave in just a minute or two. Because they have lids, I can bake, store and serve in one container. That saves time too. The blue one is the one I ate tonight, but I have another going into the fridge for a Sunday night treat. We usually do leftovers for that meal.

The Lackanoodle Lasagna recipe is in the e-book if you want to make your own.

For dessert, I used my home made Greek yogurt flavored with the Capella drops in New York Cheesecake flavor. So good! I use a good portion of half and half in my yogurt so it is extra creamy. I also let it culture a long time to get rid of all the lactose, which is the carb. I know mine is low carb, and it is so delicious. Lots less expensive than purchasing Greek yogurt from the grocery.

The Capella giveaway will be ending soon, so don't forget to enter to win a Capella flavor of your own. Just look for that post and comment, order the newsletter,follow my blog, or join me over on Facebook.

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