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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big ole' Pork Tenderloin

We were at Sam's Club the other day, and found they had pork tenderloin for  $1.99 a pound. It was big. Feed a crowd big. Feed the masses big. It went home with me. You see, I knew I need to feed a crowd. Afterall, I was begging help from my friends to get our house and property ready for the big afterstorm makeover. I had instructions to get all the undergrowth and debris from what was left of out privacy fence. We found all sort of things growing in the Vinca that lined the fence and house. Bad idea--don't let that stuff get out of hand like we did. That is another story. It was a tough job even before we found the neighbors had been dumping things in the space between our fences. Guess who got to clean that up? My friends. You really do know who your friends are when they show up for that job! They even took down our old swingset and hauled the pieces off for to be recycled. What a crew!

I wanted to be able to feed everyone, carbies and low carbers alike. So, I took that giant hunk of pork, cut it up and plopped it into my dual crockpot. With my kitchen less than workable, the crockpot did a fine job sitting on the concrete slab in the kitchen nook. The lid kept any remaining insulation at bay, and my guests dined in style--well, they dined in an emergency situation type style, anyway. I contend, that is a style of sorts. I made one side with the sugary barbecue sauce for the carbivores among them. I made one side with a homemade sauce for the low carbers and my GAPS boy. The sides were simple, fruit pickles and cheese. For the carbies, I had buns and chips too. Okay, so not gourmet, but I did manage to give them strength and keep them here working long into the evening hours. What troopers! I even had some leftovers. It was a huge ole piece of pork.

Sorry, this is another of those no real recipe, just a method posts. Just slow cook a 3-4 pound chunk of pork tenderloin with about of cup of low carb barbecue sauce. Cook 10 hours. Let cool a bit, shred the meat and let the liquid reabsorb. Stir in another cup of sauce and serve. On a good day, I would have some coconut flour buns ready, but these are difficult kitchen times, so we just ate a scoop on a plate. Just as good and less work. Not so easy to eat with your fingers, however.

Now my yard is clear and almost barren. The furniture is all moved into a pod in my driveway. It echoes in here.Trucks keep driving into my backyard. That takes some getting used to. My poor dogs are so confused. I am hoping the fence goes up soon because my neighbors have taken in some houseguests and  between them all, they have 7 dogs--with no side fence. That makes 10 dogs to be watched for potty breaks.Come on fence guys!

I kept my fridge and stove connected,  but those will have to be gone soon enough for the new floors to go in. My mom is trying to convince me to replace my leaky, non igniting burners stove. I dunno. Insurance won't pay for that, and cookbook sales are a little slow these days. Hoping a new project in the works will fix that soon.

So many difficult things have been happening to my family lately. There certainly have been trials. I do feel that our dark cloud is lifting. My home repairs are underway. My youngest son is feeling better now that he is not eating starches and additives on the SCD/GAPS diet. My oldest son just landed an amazing job! That is the best news ever. 2100 plus applications. Interviews. No calls. He was even willing to be a teller, but no one would hire him there. Thing sure can turn on dime. He got a call last Wednesday to come interview back in his college town in Arkansas. By yesterday, he was hired and asked to start work tomorrow.  One week and he is not only employed, but also second in command of an accounting department and over three people. He will earn more than his dad. Not that Christian radio, his dad's job, pays much, but still, for his first job out of college... We are so proud, not only that he got a great job, but of the strength and character he displayed through the year and three month job search. It is tough out there, but he never gave up.

We are persevering through some trials, and the blessings are now headed our way.


Retta said...

I'm happy for you that the repairs are finally underway. And Yay! What good news about your son's job. :-)

Kay said...

I love your blog and I don't think I ever commented before. The story about your son is awesome! I only listen to Christian radio so tell your husband a big thank you from me:) It inspires my day.
Good luck on all of the repairs and just look forward to the new smells of a new kitchen:)