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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bacon Jam-- Diner Style

I am so over the bacon in unusual things craze. Exceptions apply. Bacon cookies just didn't do it for me. I do still love bacon though. Somehow, in a rather twisted way, I think bacon ought to belong just to us low carbers. Let the world demonize it. Let Jay Leno make fun of us every night . Just leave the bacon and all its glorious flavor to those of us who don't do Krispy Kreme or Snickers Bars. Just keep my bacon out of your cookies and your ice cream sundaes.

This is the exception. I don't know how I never tried Bacon Jam, given my interest in things sweet and salty. Somehow I missed the craze. Until today. This is delish. Salty and smokey, sweet and tart. It is a condiment now, so don't stand over the jar with a spoon.

This is great over scrambled eggs, how we had it this a.m. Also with cream cheese as an appetizer. Put it on burgers, chicken, sandwiches. All sorts of things could use a little sweet bacon side. My original inspiration came from Allrecipes. I have seen recipes that included coffee, booze, peppers, chili powder, maple syrup, allspice...Obviously, there are many many ways to make this stuff. I went with a simple recipe with a tang of vinegar. It just sounded good. It is.

Bacon Jam Diner Style

1/2 lb bacon, fried or oven baked
14 ounce can diced tomatoes
1 yellow onion, diced
1/2-2/3 cup sugar substitute
1 tbsp cider vinegar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Wright's Liquid Smoke
1/2 tsp black pepper

Fry or oven bake the bacon. Let cool and crumble. Keep or add a few tablespoons bacon fat in a skillet, Over a low flame, saute the onion until just soft. Stir in the bacon, tomatoes, sugar substitute, vinegar, liquid smoke, salt and pepper. Let the skillet simmer until the mixture is thickened. Spoon into a jar and keep refrigerated. May be frozen.

This is really easy. Mine cooked for about 20 minutes, though it may take longer. So all you carbivores, stay away from my bacon!

Update:  I am pretty sure I had a glitch in my nutritional analysis program. The stats I got when I was formatting this recipe for Low Carbing Among Friends had the carbohydrates way too high. I ran it again and again, only to get the same results. Using a different program, now in 2014, the stats seem for more in line. So much for computers! If using eryhtritol and not a sweetener with calories and carbs, this works out to 50 calories per serving and 1 carb. That is assuming you can get 24 servings in the jar.  If you own the cookbooks, you may wish to write in the correct stats. If you are counting varbs, that is definitely the way to go!

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Anonymous said...

I live in norway-We dont have Wright's Liquid Smoke.What can i use instead?
Love ur blog,thank u;)

Anonymous said...

I actually made the full-sugar version of this once, and my son thought he'd died and gone to heaven. It made a small jam jar, and he ate a teeny spoonful about once a week on a half an English muffin, and was thrilled. If I make a LC version, I'll win mother of the year, I'm sure!

Do you mind my asking, what sweetener did you use? I have so blasted many LC sweeteners now, I am never certain which one I want to use for which recipe. My brain is broken. I have granulated xylitol, granulated Splenda in the big bag, Truvia packets, Swerve powdered, Ideal brown sugar version, many Da Vinci syrups, EZ-Sweetz where 1 ts equals 2 cups sugar, Fiberfit, and heaven knows probably something else out there. Yikes! Any idea which option might be best?

Thanks for all the great recipes, by the way. I'm finding LC much easier to "do" now that I have so many resources available for recipes, like yours. I have the first two volumes of the lowcarbfriends cookbook, and have tried several of yours from those books, and have enjoyed them very much. Since I'm LC for life now due to health issues and doc's advice, it helps to have some tried-and-true recipes to rely on. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

this is time I make it I will cut the sweetener by half. I guess i don't care for my bacon sweet. Smiles, Ruth

Pamela G said...

I keep reading the recipe....when do you add the crumbled bacon to the mixture? Am I just missing it?

Unknown said...

I read it as the bacon is the base and the rest is added to that. Hope that helps

Scott and Pat said...

I've used the bacon that is already cooked, when warmed up in the microwave it still makes just the right amount of grease (maybe a tad less), but makes this recipe even faster. This is a real treat that we love to have with LC breads and/or pancakes.

Unknown said...

BACON, BACON, BACON!!! I will HAVE to make this! OH, the possibilities to use this on...EVERYTHING! lol Thanks for sharing... <3

Anonymous said...

I saw a recipe awhile back where you sauté shaved Brussels sprouts. Once done to the level you want, stir in a couple of tablespoons of bacon jam. I tried it once and it was yummy but I couldn't justify the carbs from the sugar. Now I can have it using this version of bacon jam. :)

Marezy said...

I would sooner cut out the sweetner or if you need sweet just use regular sugar or even honey. I don't trust pseudo sweeteners. Natural foods are better than man made derivatives by far.

Unknown said...

The fat in this is just about as bad as high carbs

Anonymous said...

can this jam be canned. ?

Unknown said...

Don't use artificial sweeteners or sugar only honey. Would that work in place of what you used?

Anonymous said...

It's part of a low carb high fat diet...which is very popular Bob