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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mexican Hotcakes

So I seem to be on a pancake kick as of late. None of the sweet type, however. Since I am doing the Whole 30 this month, those are no where to be found. Sunday was the salmon cake, today, I ventured out and made breakfast a little more memorable. My new recipes have been very clean on this plan. Simpler fare, for sure. This was one I thought would scream for cheese. Although these little cakes would be great with cheese, I am happy to announce that they are really tasty without cheese. Maybe my tastes are finally adjusting afterall. I just have to remember to put salt in, something I don't do too often since the hubster is sensitive to that sort of thing. Of course, he won't eat salsa either, so this one is just for me. He got plain scrambled eggs today. Poor guy. Doesn't know what he is missing.

Disclaimer here. These are in no way authentic Mexican cuisine--at least not that I know of. But with salsa and jalapenos, I decided they might well be, and granted them that name. You can call them whatever you want. Cook like a hotcake, taste like a fritatta, perhaps a distant cousin of the latke...what else can I call them?

I have been working my way through a spaghetti squash this week. Being the only one eating it, it has lasted quite a number of meals. This finished it up. If you are trying this recipe from scratch, be sure to have some plans for the rest of your spaghetti squash so it won't go to waste. Of course, plans could be as simple as some butter and salt, but also think about pesto or marinara sauce. I digress--back to breakfast.

These are simple to prepare, and only gave me a minimum of trouble flipping. They may not be the prettiest of brunch type dishes, but they are flavorful so who cares? I just love spooning the salsa on top instead of missing the sugar free syrup. For an extra kick, I added a new spice blend I am trying out. It is a jalapeno seasoning by "Chili Dawgs" and is simply ground jalapeno peppers, onion, salt and garlic. Unlike my usual favorite, jalapeno salt, this one very light on the salt. Whole different flavor. It is more heat, I think and definitely less processed. They have some other interesting flavors too. Next month's Diner News is featuring spices and spice blends, so look for more uses there.

I made a small batch, but feel free to triple or quadruple the recipe if you have more squash or are feeding a crew.

Mexican Hotcakes

2 large eggs
1/2 cup cooked spaghetti squash strands
1/4 cup thick and chunky salsa
1 tbsp coconut flour
1/4 tsp salt
jalapeno seasoning to taste

Lightly beat the eggs. Stir in cooked spaghetti squash, salsa, coconut flout and salt. Heat coconut oil on high heat in a heavy pan until  just smoking. Turn down the heat to medium. Drop mixture onto the hot skillet with a 1/4 cup scoop. Smooth the top with the back of a spoon. Sprinkle on the jalapeno seasoning to taste. When the base is cooked enough to be browned and set, flip the hotcake. Cook briefly on this side until set. Remove to a warm plate while making the rest of the hot cakes. You may need to add additional oil to the skillet. To serve, top with additional salsa.

These are a definite change of pace from scrambled eggs. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

These look fantastic! I've been on a patty/pancake kick too. It makes things more portable and less messy it seems.

Anonymous said...

I tried these this morning for breakfast. Very tasty combo of flavors. I think I made mine too big and tried to flip them too early so they were crumblier than yours, but still delicious.
Now to see if I can use chia seeds to make these egg-free for my allergic kids.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, could you please include the carb counts for these recipes? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Lisa Marshall said...


I do sometimes include a carb count--when I have time to retype everything into my Mastercook program. Between researching, cooking, photographing and editing photos, I usually just don't have time. I am usually eating cold food anyway, just in case I need a re-shoot. You can always enter the ingredients for yourself with Fitday or Mastercook. Sorry, but starting a business this year has really cut my kitchen time!

Angie Kaye said...

Idk what I did wrong, but my attempt was kind of runny. I added a scoop of vegetable protein powder and it thickened up beautifully. In any event, it means a delicious addition to TexMex week. :-) Thank you, Lisa. I'm truly grateful for your hard work and inventiveness.

Joan said...

I am going to make these today, very small and crispy, to have with my beef roast this weekend. I will also have oven roasted sweet potatoes, cheesy cauliflower and green beans. Yum!!

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