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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kale Pesto Chicken

This is the way to get the family to eat Kale. Seriously. After I saw numerous other bloggers make this stuff, I abandoned their recipes and headed into the kitchen.  I had a bunch of kale, the superfood, but alas no fresh basil leaves. I just can't imagine pesto without that basil flavor. I tried it without, but no. Good thing I discovered that some dried basil added to the pesto does trick my taste buds. This will be my new recipe--even though I just may try it with sunflower nuts again like this recipe.

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This pesto will save some cash too. The prices of fresh herbs at the market make me cringe. But winter is not over yet and my pots are empty. Kale steps in and saves the day.  My hubby couldn't stop saying how great this tasted. When he first saw the beautiful green, though, he was not so sure. It is a little bit brighter than my basil pesto, but  I promise you, no one will know the difference. This is even tasty with the canned Parmesan cheese, so I imagine it will be phenomenal with freshly grated kind. Oh my... not sure I will be able to control my husband in that case. He is so glad he married a woman who cooks.

Kale Pesto

4 cups diced kale

½ cup raw almonds

½ cup Parmesan cheese

1/3 cup olive oil

3 tsp dried basil

2 tsp garlic puree

½ tsp salt

½ tsp crushed red pepper, optional

Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Pulse until nuts and greens are well blended. You may need to scrape down the sides. If using dried Parmesan cheese, you may need to increase the amount of olive oil.

24 servings    1 carb each

I mean when was the last time your family got excited about a superfood? I didn't even use half of the jar for dinner, so plan some other uses. I also used less than half the bunch of kale, so  plan for that too.

To make the pesto chicken, I simply pan grilled some boneless skinless breasts in a little coconut oil. When done, I cut the chicken into larger chunks with my kitchen shears. That makes for more surface area for the marvelous sauce. I stirred in  about 1/2 cup of pesto and let the chicken simmer for just a few minutes to heat the sauce. We had a side of a frozen veggie blend seasoned with pepper and butter. Simple and perfect. For my carby boy, I added a spoonful of pesto to some pre-cooked rice. That is one thing you can do if not everyone in your family is on plan. Make some carby side dishes for the freezer wo you don't need to cook that illegal stuff too often. He ate it all up--even the veggies. Maybe why that is why this single guy still lives at home. Mom's cooking or frozen dinners. Big decision. So glad I still have one single boy to eat my cooking. I get a visit from the newlyweds this weekend. They will come home and open the gifts, so that will be fun.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Interesting. I have never made Pesto but this sounds really good.

Anonymous said...

This pesto was THE BOMB!!!

I did add the juice of half a lemon and I highly reccommend doing that. I had fresh basil and Parmesan so use that also.

I'll be keeping this on hand to use for lots of things. Thank you so much for posting this great recipe.

Anonymous said...

So Lisa, how do you keep your pesto from turning brown? I would think you would need lemon juice? I made the sunflower pesto from the book previously and it turned brown.

Lisa Marshall said...

Hmm. My pestos never turn brown without lemon juice. Not a food chemist, though. I have some left in the fridge and just checked. Still green. My sunflower pesto is darker than the kale, but that never bothered me. If you like lemon, by all means add some.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog as I was exploring some of the blogs my own blog's readers follow, and I just loved this post. I'm always looking for new ways to add kale to my diet, and including it in pesto is such a great idea. I think my readers would really love this recipe, too! I'd like to invite you to participate in my blog's link-up party to celebrate the end of National Nutrition Month - feel free to check it out and share one of the delicious, healthy recipes you've been enjoying this past month!

Tom said...

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Tonja said...

This is cool!

Anonymous said...

I have made pesto with half basil and half kale, as raw basil upsets my stomach a bit. Funny that the dried doesn't cause this stomach distress for me. As yet I haven't pushed the envelope and done pesto with all kale. I've even seen recipes for it using spinach. I'll have to try your 100% kale version. I'm out of pesto and just bought some kale yesterday!

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