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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Say "Cheeze"-burger Quiche Cups

These make me smile. This is one of my favorite Multiply Meals from the 24/7 Low Carb Diner e-book. Rather than making 3 full casseroles--although those are great--I thought you might like the smaller version to try out. This time, I made the quiche in cups so they are super portable for lunch on the go, or even a late night snack attack. Either way, casserole dish or silicon cup, these taste terrific. When my son came in from his LifeGroup tonight with his friends, he said the house smelled like hamburgers. That's a testimony. This is no gourmet delight, but real people food.

This dish really is like eating all the best parts of a cheeseburger. Forget the bun. Don't go near the french fries. (Unless you are making some turnip, rutabaga or jicama fries as per the instructions in the March Diner News) These can be held in your hand or eaten with a fork. You choose. I happen to like the taste of the dill pickle. It really makes for an authentic flavor. Truth told, I sometimes divide my mixture and make some without the pickles. Poor sad boy who doesn't do pickles.

This recipe is forgiving. The full Multiply Meal uses a can of diced tomatoes. For the single version, you have a choice. This time, I used a fresh roma tomato. If you don't have fresh you can sub 1/4 cup of a mild salsa.

Cheezeburger Quiche

1 lb ground beef
1/4 cup chopped onion
8 oz cream cheese
6 eggs
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 roma tomato or 1/4 cup mild salsa 
1/4 cup yellow mustard or spicy brown mustard
2 tbsp dill pickle relish
2 cups grated cheddar cheese

Brown the ground beef with the onion. Drain. In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, eggs and mayonnaise until no lumps remain. Stir in the ground beef mixture, chopped tomato or salsa, mustard and pickle.Reserve 1/4 cup of cheese for topping and stir the remaining cheese into the mixture. Pour into a casserole dish and bake 40 minutes or until set in the center. Alternately, spoon mixture into silicone baking cups. Place cups on a rimmed cookie sheet and bake 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees or until set in the center. Cups will rise then fall when cooling.  6 very generous portions. (you may choose to make it 8-10 servings depending on calorie goals)

738 calories   3 g net carbs

I serve this simply with some lettuce and a squirt of sugarfree ketchup. Yum.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

They sound delicious!

Unknown said...

Would love to try these, but my husband hates mustard. What could I use as a substitute?

Anonymous said...

What flavors does he like? You could make a batch with each one different, I suggest: steak sauce, hot wing sauces, smoke flavoring, barbeque etc. whatever he likes.

Anonymous said...

you have the calories at 738,is that for one?

Nancy said...

What temperature do you set the oven on?

April said...

What could I substitute for the tomato/salsa. My sweetie doesn't like tomatoes and doesn't eat much salsa either.

Lisa Marshall said...

This recipe is forgiving. If you don't like mustard leave it out. If tomatoes aren't your thing, leave out the salsa or tomato. I have added a tsp of liquid smoke before and that was yummy. Steak sauce might be interesting; never tried that one.

Lisa Marshall said...

The calories listed are for 1/6 of the casserole. Calories and carbs will vary with the size of your cups. I get about 3-4 cups a serving from mine. I have two sets that are different sizes.

Amelie said...

This is very interesting and I love to read your blog. Thank you.

Linda said...

They look and sound amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

Alicia said...

Another winner!

I've made cheeseburger meatballs before wrapped in bacon, but these sounds so much easier! Love the pickle idea! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just made these and my kids LOVE them. They ate 3 each and that is a WIN in my book!!!
Perfect for on the go baseball game nights!
I think next time I might try making them with Rotel tomatoes for a little kick!

RJ said...

What about a sub for the mayo?

RJ said...

What about a sub for the mayo?

Lisa Marshall said...

RJ, I have never tried a sub for mayo, but I am guessing you could use nonfat Greek yogurt. I might try that to lighten the recipe up a bit.


Carol Miner said...

I'm trying this delicious sounding recipe for dinner tonight. As I do not have the silicone cups I will use a casserole dish. Would a 9x9 casserole work? Thank you so much!

Lisa Marshall said...

Yes, I think a 9 x 9 will work, but it will need to bake longer, of course.

Anonymous said...

Recipe says reserve 1/4 cup cheese for topping. When do you put that on?

Lisa Marshall said...

Good Question! I have done it 2 ways. In the photo, the topping was added before baking. It kinda disappears but gives is a little crunch on top. You can add it just when you remove them from the oven and it will be more melty. Your choice!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing...I don't like mustard. I am going to try it with ketchup or thousand island dressing.