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Friday, July 11, 2014

Lime Mousse Made with Lime Curd

This stuff is so good. It is one of the recipes I promised to be made with the Lime Curd I just featured. It really couldn' t be any simpler if you have made that delicious Lime Curd. As a huge fan of tiny desserts, I made this one in an egg cup I picked up at Old Time Pottery. At my age, I just don't overdo desserts because I can't afford the calories. This recipes has so much flavor you don't really need more than a few tablespoons to be satisfied. This little delight is so easy to whip up single serving style. You already have the lime curd in the fridge--and that lasts a while. Just add some coconut milk, stir it up and voila!

I had a premium full fat coconut milk from Sprouts that was already quite thick. That works and makes a soft mousse with just a little whisk.  Just don't try it with a light coconut milk. That would result in a sauce rather than a spoonable dessert. Even better would be to simply use the hardened fat from a can of coconut milk that you have chilled a few hours. Much like my Strawberry Coconut Mousse. It does need to be a brand that separates the fat from the water. You might need to experiment with different brands. My Sprouts brand stays emulsified so it didn't separate. Good for some applications, like soup and smoothies, but not so great if you want that hardened chunk to make into mousse. Watch for ingredients. If the can does not list guar gum, it is more likely to separate. Using just the solids will give you a thicker mousse. But even with my slightly thinner version, the taste is amazing.

I am going to give you the simple directions for one small serving at a time.

Lime Curd Mousse

2 tbsp prepared Lime Curd (the Diner recipe which is sugar free)
2 tbsp full fat coconut milk solids or thick milk

With a small whisk, mix the curd with the coconut milk. Spoon into a very small dessert cup and enjoy.

1 serving   153 calories  3 g carbs

Love this Lime Curd.  I have one more idea for it that involves berries. Stay tuned!

I also have some big news coming up about a new e-book. We are very close!

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