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Monday, June 27, 2016

Smash Burgers, a Method, Not a Restaurant

Granted, I liked Smash Burger-- the restaurant. The food was great, the plates were cool, but I just didn't get enough to eat. It is like that some times for us in the low carb world. Sure, we can order the bunless burger.  It tastes great. Often, though, we are left just a tad bit hungry. That can lead to "hangry" in just a little while. When we start feeling deprived, we know  a cheat looms ahead. Either that or we behave just plain nasty to those around us with full tummies. Surely my family is not the only one to succumb to the hangries?

This is rather, a method of cooking burgers. We all know the tried and true advice. Never press down on a burger on the grill. You press all the juices out. That may be true. But that is assuming that you are going for a thick, tender and juicy burger. Not being an aficionado of rare burgers, that is seldom what I am aiming for. Don't get defensive. There is room for all of us. Let's hear it for burger diversity. I, and some others like me, prefer the really browned edges of the burger. Little tastes of charred goodness. That special something that the searing brings. That is what this method of burger cooking is all about.

The idea here is to make really thin burger patties. I mean it when I say thin. Then brown them up on a really hot grill. Make the patties extra thin by literally smashing them in the pan. Sorry, this simply will not work for grill grates. We need a flat surface here-- and a good spatula. (Great for quick meals when you don't want to wait for charcoal or when you don't want to mess cleaning the big gas grill.)  Smash that little burger. And I mean little too. Just a couple of ounces. Smash it and get the edges nice and dark. Flip it over a couple of times. No need to check the thermometer. We are going for the burn. The unami will be there!

Now slap some nice melty cheese. American slices are the best melters in my opinion, but use what you love. Now the best part. You get three of these thin little burgers. You still get a nice beefy meal, but with all that browned goodness. Three times more of it than in your boring old burger of the past. Now, I get it that you are thinking those tiny gray little patties in the small burgers at McDonalds. Size, yes. Flavor, no! Go for the brown. Add some salt and pepper and it will be a totally different food group. Sure, these don't stay perfectly round either. I am serious about the smashing part!

So smash them. Stack them. Top them. Oh yeah, and eat them too.

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Retta said...

Smashburgers! I love the name, but even more I love that browned-edge effect on a burger. I'm drooling over this idea, and can't wait to buy some hamburger and get to smashing! Thanks for another great idea.

Dana said...

I looooove Smash Burger (the restaurant), haven't ventured to try these on my own! Need to figure out how to do their "Smash Sauce" - seems like a whole buncha condiments blended together with mayo?! Bonus fat boost :)