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Friday, November 4, 2016

Thanksgiving Bundle--Get Your Holiday Planned!

Let's face it. Thanksgiving takes some planning. Especially if you don't eat all the sugar filled treats, bread based stuffings and mounds of mashed potatoes. Every year, I go to great lengths to make wonderful sides that real celebration foods themselves. Something more special than the day to day fare.

I also create healthy desserts that will make sure my hubby does not feel deprived when the others pass the pumpkin pie. I make things that even the carbivores among the family will enjoy. No diet food corner of the table. Healthy low carb foods are good for everyone.

I have also, over the years, included several ways of approaching the traditional bird. This year I divided camps between the dark meat lovers, with an Herb Brined Turkey Leg recipe, and the devotees of white meat, with a cranberry glazed Breast of Turkey. So many choices over the years, with both roasted and crockpot recipes. Last year I made my slow cooker Herbed Turkey Breast 4 times for different events. Everyone loves it.

So my dear one and I have bundled all the Thanksgiving editions of the Diner News, so you can have all my favorite ideas for Thanksgiving celebrations. This is truly my favorite issue of the year(s).

For just $6 you can download all the Diner News November issues from 2009-2016. Wow, I have been doing this a long time!   I promise you, we eat good on Thanksgiving. It is a tough decision on which recipes to make! Although not all my older recipes have calorie and carb info, they are all low carb and it is easy to run exact counts on My Fitness Pal.

To purchase, just look for the image above on the Diner News website, and follow the link!

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Lonnie said...

I keep being redirected to this page.

Lisa Marshall said...

Lonnie, the link takes you to the main page of the Diner website. Then look for the image of the Bundle cover (The woman walking with the turkey) Click the order button under that image to get to the order page.

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