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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cilantro cubes

I love these flavoring cubes from Knorr. I am one of those who adores the flavor of cilantro. It doesn't taste like soap to me, anyway. I have tried to grow it fresh, but it ends up all tall and spindly without good leaves. I buy the fresh, but seldom use the whole bunch before it gets "slimified" (a term my creative son would use to describe the mushy, slimy texture of unknown vegetation at the bottom of the produce drawer).

These little cubes do the trick. They crumble nicely between the fingers. Even though they look like their cousin, the boullion cube, they are much softer and don't have to be dissolved. I like the cilantro cubes in both Mexican and Thai food. I also use the chipotle cubes. I seldom buy fresh or canned peppers, as I need them only once in a while. These are less expensive too.

Here in our neck of the woods, you an find these gems in the spice section of the ethnic foods aisle. Look up near the top if you are at Wally World. That is where I find mine. What a great little secret!

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Peculiar Blogs said...

Can't wait to get them. We LOVE LOVE LOVE cilantro around here!!