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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Honey Mustard Chicken Tenders

I really like to use chicken tenders. They are more uniform in size, and make for less prep work, and moister meat. Tonight I was in the mood to try something new, so I abandoned my menu plan, and made these instead. Super simple if you already have some honey mustard dressing made up. The recipe is in the e-book, but it is a simple blend of mayo, mustard and sweetener. I tried a little of a sugarfree honey I found at Walmart. While it tastes great out of the bottle, I really didn't taste the honey flavor coming through in this recipe, so my old standard recipe is fine. Who wants to risk the sugar alcohols if the flavor is not there?

I dipped the chicken into the honey mustard, then I dredged it in a combination of my soy baking mix and a new Weber grill seasoning blend I just found. The seasoning blend was okay--a little strong on some herb--maybe oregano. I ran out of coating mix before I ran out of chicken, however. So, the final ones were coated with McCormick Rotisserie seasoning. I think I might have liked it a bit better. Not as strong an herb flavor.

Either way, we ate them all up. Just some green beans and salad on the side. We used peppercorn ranch dressing, so it was a flavorful meal all around!

We held our annual cookie exchange last night. I simply can't give that one up. But I am busily giving away all those carby treats. I have four cookie gifts already given, so we will be sure to stay out of them. After baking twelve dozen cookies for the party, I can't believe I am about to bake more. These are some low carb cookies for my hubby so he won't feel neglected. Tonight I am trying a meringue type. Some say it can be low carbed, others say yuck. I will give it a try and leave them in the oven overnight. At least he knows I am trying!

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