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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lime Water

It is summer and time to drink up. I know drinking water is healthy, but I have a hard time getting all mine in. Sometimes, something fun makes it easier. I was at the Dollar Tree yesterday, admittedly one of my favorite places. I have tons of water bottles, but this little drink cozy caught my eye. Love the fabric. It is trendy looking and stretchy too. It fits lots of different sized bottles. It even helps absorb all that condensation we get in this humidity.

There are two to a pack, so my mom took one home too. I used a Sharpie to add my name. Because it is stretchy, it is easy to pack a little package of True Lime tucked in the side. That way, I am ready for a refill on the road. Now, maybe I will get my water down!

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Joan said...

You should have just told me to come here!! :) Thank you for posting it though.