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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sausage Roll Bites

Yummy Breakfast. I was always of fan of sausage rolls from doughnut shops. I am one of those people who cannot eat an entire meal of sweet. I have to end on savory. Weird, I know. Sausage rolls always added that salty goodness. The dough is just a little sweet. That fit me to a T.

Enter low carb lifestyle. Exit sausage rolls. Until this morning. Tired of eggs, I decided to try something new. I don't have any classes this week, so I had some time to play. John and I both liked these. I knew we would because I simply modified my coconut flour doughnut recipe. I added some maple flavoring. Yum. The tender crumb and slight sweetness really is similar to the doughnut shop variety.

The idea came into my head with all the work I have been doing with the next issue of the Diner News. It is going to feature ways to use an outdoor grill during your weekly prep day. One idea is to grill several packages of sausages. This is one of the ideas to put pre-grilled sausages to use for quick mid-week meals. All I did was slice up a sausage and whip up the batter. Easy Peasy. Done in under 30 minutes start to finish.

Sausage Roll Bites

1  5-6 ounce link sausage, pre-cooked
1/4 cup coconut flour
2 packets sweetener
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp baking soda
2 large eggs
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tbsp water
1/4 tsp maple flavoring

Cut cooked sausage into 16 slices. In a microwavable bowl, combine coconut flour, sweetener, salt and baking soda. To the dry ingredients, add eggs, coconut oil, water and maple flavoring. Stir well. If mixture is thick, place into the microwave for 15-20 seconds. This will melt the coconut oil. Divide the batter among 16 mini muffin cups. Place a sausage slice on top and press slightly to bring batter up around the sides of the meat. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes before removing from the muffin cups.

4 bites per serving  233 calories  2 net carbs

Note: Coconut flours can vary, so if you find your batter is dry, add some additional water or melted butter.

Now I had better use my time away from school to get that new cookbook done---again. Grr. Even though I have to reformat all those recipes, I am still so honored to be a part of Low Carbing Among Friends. If you don't have all the books in the set, go get them. They truly are indispensable for our way of eating!


Erica Gott, aka Erratica said...

OMG, these look so good! Gonna make some as soon as I can get some sausage. Wonder what else I could use, hmmmm.

Serendipity said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! Can't wait to try these!

unter der laterne said...

what kind of sausage did you use? I seldom bought sausages due to the high Sodium and nitrates so I appreciate your feed back very much! Thank you Barbara.

Luana said...

They sure do look great! Can't wait to try them.

Lisa said...

I love to buy sausages from Sprouts. They are natural, no fillers or nitrates. Some have some evaporated cane juice, but very little. I also like Zio brand brats.

Luana said...

Lisa, I love Sprouts' sausage, too! Their spicy chicken Parm sausage is my favorite.

unter der laterne said...

Lisa, I am new to your site, started to read your blog a couple of weeks ago!
I am very concerned about you (hurricanes). How are you doing? You have had some bad luck(burglaries), not that I like to remind you of this! I just felt horrible reading it! Could you please let us know how you are doing?! Please. Be safe and be well! Barbara from California.

Buttoni said...

These look lovely, Lisa! I even like things less sweet than that. So I'd probably leave the sweetener out of the dough. But I'm going to try these when I get some smoked sausage.

LeGwen said...

Lisa, how do you cut 1 sausage link into 16 slices? Maybe I'm not thinking of the same links. My "Jimmy Dean" turkey sausage links are about 2 1/2 inches long. Is that the same kind of link that you mean? BTW, these look wonderful and as soon as I figure out how to get my links cut I'm going to try them.

unter der laterne said...

Lisa, I really wish you would let us know that you are alright!

Lisa said...

Thanks guys, I am fine here. The closest tornado we had was about 20 miles away, and it was only an f-2. I did live in Moore when I was in college, and that is where much of the devastation took place. I am sure my old apartments are gone!

Lisa said...

The sausages I use are about 5-6 ounces each. Think more like a polish or bratwurst.

unter der laterne said...

orgerga queenHi Lisa, I checked your site every day and was so worried about you. It is wonderful that you are alright!
Did you get another computer yet?
Take are, Barbara from California.

Dawn said...

Lisa, when you say "maple flavoring" do you mean maple extract? Like a vanilla extract but with a maple flavor? Thanks so much--these look awesome and I can't wait to make them!

Harry said...

OMG Lisa, these look like heaven to me, can't wait to try them out :)

Ajordan said...

I made these today and my mixture was very crumbly. They taste a little dry. What should I change?

Me said...

Love theses - perfect snacks for work but skip the maple and sugar. Instead add a tablespoon of parma cheese

Herryponting said...

A study shows that a low-carb diet significantly decreases cravings for carbohydrates/starches and high-sugar foods.
Natrol Carb Intercept

Amy Stevens said...

Hi!! Do your recipes include carb counts?? These look delicious!

Lisa Marshall said...

If your mixture is a little dry, it could be from the brand of coconut flour or from the egg size. Just add a bit more water, or if you need the fats, some melted butter.