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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going Global

Our school group has an International Potluck dinner planned this week. I must have been thinking of that when I planned this week's menu, because I have so many ethnic dishes this week. Yesterday, we ate Chicken Curry for dinner. It is very rich and the curry really isn't hot at all. It does give an unusual flavor that is out of the ordinary. No one in the family is brave enough to try Indian food when we eat out, so this is the best I can do for now. Try it--it's in the cookbook and in the top photo.

We have also eaten Taco salad this week, so Mexico has a spot on the menu. That is the easiest salad to make when you already have Mexi-Minute beef in the freezer. It is easy to tell that I love Mexican food--Tequila Chicken is our Triple Play meal for the week. So far we have eaten grilled breasts and Tequila Lime Quiche. Friday's lunch will be wrap sandwiches using Joseph's Lavash bread.

Right now, I have Bavarian Cabbage Bake in the crockpot. Check Germany off the list of international cuisine. Tomorrow, I am making Multiply Meals casseroles. Italian this time. Mama Mia Chicken Bake.

Kabobs are a fun Middle Eastern treat too. They are down for Saturday. Perhaps I have forgotten the French. Hmm. I suppose I should have planned French Hen Quiche or Chicken Parisienne. No, wait...I guess the versatile French omelet for Saturday breakfast will suffice.

My chosen entree for the potluck is My Thai Chicken. Yummy with peanut butter and salsa. The photo above shows the chicken served over cauliflower. I think this time I will serve some zucchini noodles (julienne sliced) and some ramen noodles for the carby eaters.

I might have to extend this into International Menu MONTH! I still have so many options--Philosopher's Quiche, Hungarian Chicken, Lebanese Dinner, Chicken Florentine, Swiss Beefkey, Italian Cream Chicken, Teriyaki Steak, Moroccan Chicken, Stroganoff, Tuscan Chicken, French Brisket Soup, Meatballs Roma, Singapore Casserole--the list goes on.

Now I'm on a roll.(no low carb jokes please) How about a U.S. menu? I see Aloha Chicken, Down Home Gravy, Kickin' Cajun Casserole, California Chicken Bake, Yankee Pot, Slow Texas Beef...

Who said Low carb was just steak and eggs?

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