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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Snack Attack

Okay, you have finished your Prep day meals--the freezer is stocked and dinner is planned for the week. But what about those late night munchies that threaten to derail your success? Plan those snacks too.

If possible, get the temptations out of the house. This doesn't work too well around here, because not everyone low carbs. But hey, if you can, it sure helps not to stare down that bag of Oreos at midnight.

The next best thing is to have plenty of low carb snack options. Just be sure to select a good portion before you start to snack. Put the snack on a nice plate and put the rest back in the kitchen.I promise I could empty an entire bag of cheese cubes in one sitting.

Here is a list of favorites at our "Diner":

low carb hot dogs
cheese crisps (the American cheese that you crisp in the microwave oven)
celery with peanut butter or cream cheese
pepperoni chips--cousins of the cheese crisp
hot chai
Swiss Miss Diet cocoa
hot chicken broth
pork rinds with a dip
Broccoli or other veggies with Ranch dressing
String cheese or cheese cubes
sugar free jello
protein shakes
sugarfree yogurt
deli meat roll ups
dill pickles
egg scrambles done in the microwave
beef or turkey jerky
precooked sausage patties (just one, dear)

With a bit of advanced prep:
hard boiled eggs-- stuff em however you want
home made popsicles--from protein shakes or soft drinks

That ought to tide you over til the next meal!

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