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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Black Bean Chocolate Cake Bites

Not much time to post. We are heading out for an Easter Picnic. Just thought I would share a photo of some Black Bean Cake bites I made this morning. John can eat some, but most are for my oldest son to take back to school. They will be featured in his business presentation for his Strategic Management project at the Governor's Cup Competition. They will be serving these low carb bite sized treats to the judges, who probably know nothing about low carb desserts. His business plan for the competition is an online service for diabetics, and the low carb cookbook is one feature of his proposed service. It couldn't hurt to let the judges sample how good the low carb life can be, right? I'll let you know if he wins the $20,000 prize!


Retta said...

Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words... then a bite of your Chocolate cake bites should be worth... $20,000!!! I hope it goes well for him, and he wins!

Happy Easter,

Lisa Marshall said...

Loretta, you are the best! Send some prayers up for him this Thursday. He will be competing then.

Unknown said...

I remember making a black bean cake years ago. It wasn't the best thing but as far as it being a cake, it was ok.

Your cake bites look like real cake. :) I sure hope that he wins!!!

Joan said...

What a great idea! The more exposure, the better for this way of life!