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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pasta? Not!

In this month's "My Favorite Gadget" column in the newsletter, I highlighted my new Spiral Slicer. I DO love my kitchen gadgets! I own a hand held julienne slicer, but I have slipped and cut myself on it more than once. When I saw a demo on youtube, I knew I really wanted a spiral slicer. I ordered one through Amazon for under $15.

This makes angel hair shreds that are so similar to pasta al dente. I used a yellow squash, It was so much easier with this little machine. The color really fools the eye, and the cut is so fine, there is no squashy taste at all. After slicing one yellow squash, I simply sautéed the strands in olive oil with a sprinkle of garlic powder, They only need about 5 minutes on the stove, which makes this veggie pasta substitute so much easier than baking and shredding a spaghetti squash.

For a sauce tonight, I opened another of my Big Lots stash of Muir Glen Organic Pasta sauce. That was easy. The Meatballs Roma took a little more time, but overall, this is a definite 4 star dinner. Tomorrow, my mom is coming over to spiral cut several zucchini to bag up into individual servings to stock her freezer. These tiny shreds are a real nutritional prize. They can replace noodles in soup too. Very few carbs, tiny amount of calories, super fun way to eat!

One of our fellow Diners, Ginny, has a great blog which features one of these slicers too. Check it out-- she is a marvelous low carb cook!


Retta said...

Oh what a great idea... to spiral slice up the zucchini and freeze it! It never occurred to me. All our zucchini seem to be getting ripe at the same time right now.

Thanks for the idea. :-)

Lisa Marshall said...

Lucky woman! Your garden is producing. Mine is dead and almost buried. We had a plague of grasshoppers invade, eating most everything to the stem.

Jill said...

This looks yummy! I have got one of those dangerous slicers...I think I need to risk it and make this! Thanks for sharing. Jill

Tracey said...

I have the same slicer, and I totally love it. I've used mine to cut rutabagas into angel hair for a similar spaghetti dish. Delicious!

Lisa Marshall said...

Rutabaga! Great idea, I love those. How long do you cook the strands after cutting?