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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mexi-Burger Casserole, por favor?

Most nights I don't bother to snap photos of dinner if it is one that is already photographed and in the e-book. But tonight, my dog got so excited when the Mexi-Burger Casserole came out of the oven, I just couldn't resist getting a shot of that face. He reallllllllly wanted a plate for himself. He didn't get one, but this must have smelled pretty darn good to him! If you want to try the recipe, it is in with the Mulitply Meals recipes. I did alter this one by swapping the cream cheese with yogurt. The texture was lighter and eggier, but I still got clean plates turned in. That is why I love casseroles. It is so easy to play around with the basic recipe. Glad there will be more leftovers later!


Retta said...

Awww, how cute of him to pose, looking all hungry and adorable!

mamajuliana said...

You can trust your puppy so close to the yummies? Our beagle would not be that well behaved!

Going to definitely try this recipe...BTW

Joan said...

Bentley dog would not have been that nice either! Your dog looks so cute!

Lisa Marshall said...

Tinker will absolutely not steal off of any plate or counter or trash. Our golden retriever and schnoodle girls on the other hand, will. Pit bulls are actually really well behaved dogs when not abused.

Marisa - Low Carb Kitchen said...

Yum that looks so good.
Cute puppy :-)

Katie from UNBREADED said...

Do I see a low-carb dog food cookbook in the works?