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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini Eggplant Pizzas

Those of you who get the newsletter know September's issue is all about PIZZA! These are the little pizzas we had for lunch today. The base is a sliced eggplant. I tried baking these in the oven, but they seemed to stay too squishy. Going for a bit more crisp, I then grilled them on my cast iron griddle. They may look a bit burned, but they didn't taste that way. I sprinkled ground oregano and chopped garlic on each eggplant slice.

We ate ours topped with fresh veggies and some homemade chicken sausage I had on hand. I skipped the tomato sauce and let the fresh tomatoes fill that spot. I added some of the veggies on top raw--onions and bell peppers, and those stayed crispy. I also cooked some veggies on the griddle for more of a grilled taste. I knew I wasn't going to turn on the broiler to cook the top of the mini pizzas, and this was a great compromise. The flavor was excellent, and the melted farmer's cheese held everything together nicely. You still need a plate and fork, but if you miss the pizza flavors and want some extra nutrition, this will do it. Teenager approved--even with eggplant. Who would have guessed? Only bad point: the eggplant does shrink a bit, so I think he is still hungry. Perhaps a berry smoothie for dessert will do.


Retta said...

Oh I LOVE mini eggplant pizzas!! It's one of my favorite ways... I just wish my hubby would get daring enough to try it. Maybe if I blindfold him and don't tell him it's "that" plant. LOL!


NeeCee said...

That yogurt chicken recipe I told you about turned out really good. I'll try to blog about it tonight.

Lisa Marshall said...


My kids always had the same reaction! But with his new diet, he is open to trying new things. Such a trooper.

Lisa Marshall said...

NeeCee--guest blog? Got a photo?

Joan said...

I love eggplant pizzas and portabella mushroom pizzas. I dreamed about eggplant one night this week---I don't remember the rest of the dream. Probably for the best!

Kiersti Esparza said...

I tried this last night when the rest of the family was eating "regular" pizza and it was wonderful!

Thank you for the idea!