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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dollar Tree Flavorings

I frequent my local Dollar Tree Stores all the time. You just never know what you will find! Being into crafts and foods, I keep my eyes open.

This week, I noticed some bottles of coffee/tea flavorings that were new. I looked at the bottles--Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel. Those are three of my DaVinci favorites. The bottles did not say sugarfree. But for some reason, I flipped over to see the ingredients list. No calories, no carbs, no fats, no nothin'. Sweetened with Sucralose. Hmm. Why didn't the bottle say so in the first place?

For a buck, I had not much to lose. Amazingly, these are good. Maybe not quite as strongly flavored as the premium syrups, but way cheaper! The plastic bottle holds 12.7 fluid ounces. It recommends using between half an ounce to an ounce per serving. Hoping to find more about the brand, Cafe al Fresco, I did an internet search. Nothing came up, so I am assuming that these were perhaps once a part of gift packages? Who knows?

They passed my taste test. I am enjoying a cup of joe right now flavored with the Hazelnut. The would be good in my cream cheese puddings too. I am going to stock up on some more later this week. Who knows how long they will last?


Anonymous said...

I love Dollar Tree! I don't drink coffee so never tried those, but they do have some great items!!

Lisa Marshall said...

These are good in lots of stuff--tea, smoothies, in muffins, etc.

Diana said...

I wish I could find some of that for my coffee. I was such a starbucks fan and I really miss my vanilla syrup. I guess I will have to try a dollar tree store.

Jennifer [To PIN/share a Post, Click the 3 dots or the Red SAVE Button] said...

Wow, what a find! I miss the Dollar stores.