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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simply Celery Celebrity Soup

Love all that alliteration and I love this recipe! Today's soup is especially good for those who are suffering from seasonal colds and flu bugs. I really do believe chicken soup has healing properties. I don't know about the science of it all, but I do believe there is more to most stories than science types will admit to.

I am not sick, but I am a bit on the cold side. Even after three cups of coffee. So, I decided to make some soup. This particular version got its cutesy name from my ingredient list. Having picked up some Wolfgang Puck Free Range Roasted Chicken Stock, I wanted to try it. It just happens to be another of my Big Lots finds. I always sample first before I buy big. Loving the fact that it is free range, I paid 30 cents more than for an unknown brand. Just one carb and ten calories. I like to make my own stocks, but I tend to use more in the wintertime than I have time (or rather, the discipline) to make. Thumbs up. Not a fantastic flavor, but good and not too salty.

I love the flavor of cooked celery, so I added the remainder of my bunch. Probably about 5 ribs. For extra flavor, I added the leaves as well. I wanted this soup to be simple--not too many complex flavors, so I reached for another celebrity favorite--Paula Deen. I love her Poultry seasoning with the grinder top. I didn't want any carrots or onions competing with the celery. This spice blend has a bit of sea salt, black peppercorns, onion and garlic, paprika, sage, rosemary and thyme. Perfection.

If you have both broth and chicken cubes in the freezer, this goes together in no time. Just simmer it until the celery is tender. If you need to start from scratch, you can simmer the chicken in water, making you own broth. In that case, you will need to add a bit more salt.

Since this was a Freezer Favorite throw together type soup, I didn't measure too accurately. I will give you the "just abouts" in recipe form anyway.

Simply Celery Celebrity Soup

1 package chicken cubes or about 6-8 ounces of uncooked chicken, diced
1 quart chicken stock (Wolfgang Puck brand or home made)
5-6 ribs of celery, leafy tops included
several twists of Paula Deen Poultry Seasoning

If starting from raw chicken, bring water to a boil and add chicken. Add diced celery and spices and simmer until chicken is done and celery is tender. Adjust seasonings.
If starting with frozen chicken cubes, heat stock in a saucepan, and add chicken cubes. Break the chicken apart as it warms. Add the diced celery and seasonings and simmer until vegetables are tender. Adjust seasonings. Serves 2-3

This recipe is intended to be simple. It is low in calories too. Good for those of us who are trying to make up for those holiday indulgences! Of course, you could add whatever veggies you have in the fridge, but don't be afraid to let the celery be the star. It is really quite tasty in a simple, good for what ails you kind of way. Who needs complicated?

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NeeCee said...

I've been super cold today as well. Nothing I do warms me up. I do have lots of soup on my menu this month. I plan on adding this to my soup recipes.