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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Chicken--2 Ways

Eating good at our house tonight. I saw a photo of this amazing chicken on Pinterest. I love finding cool stuff over there. Lots of great ideas floating around, and a great way to capture and keep some of the things I get inspired by online. Check it out. This particular great idea comes from the blog, Salad in a Jar. The how to's are here.

I had a couple of diners tonight who do not appreciate the jalapeƱo. For them, I substituted some sun dried tomatoes. I got great reviews for both kinds. Here it is after midnight and I still have dirty dishes. We have been gone all day. I have been garage sale shopping at my mom's condo wide sale. I did find some great deals on antique linens and some odds and ends I like to use with my photos. But all that shopping meant dinner was not ready until ten p.m. It was worth it though. We found a propane grill--a huge one for just fifty bucks. Our sweet middle son bought it for his dad. What a guy. I really hope that means John will grill even more. I have plenty of recipes for him from the June Diner newsletter ...hint...hint...

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