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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pepperoni Cups

Another quick What's for Breakfast solution. I used the extra large pepperoni (I get mine at Dollar Tree). Just line a muffin cup with the pepperoni. I use one egg per two cups. Today I stirred in some pesto, black olives and a bit of cheese. Cured a pizza craving! Baked them up and topped with a little more cheese. I do love cheese. I like mushrooms in there too, but the fridge was bare today.

These are fun. I have always liked eating breakfast with my fingers! Of course, they are good for snacks, lunch or even a dinner with a nice salad.


T2Nashville said...

Lisa - someone (I think Eggface) does these with a ricotta filling for appetizers. I do them for parties, and they are always a hit!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, do you scramble the eggs first and bake them? This looks fabulous!

Lisa Marshall said...

No precooking. Just bake the egg in the pepperoni cup. Easy Peasy.

Ginny said...

what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I think they're more Italian tasting using ricotta cheese with a little beaten egg, some parmesan, and italian lasagna filling. less 'quiche-y' more yummy!
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Anonymous said...

how lond do you bake them?