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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cinnamon Mocha Coffee Among Friends

It has been a little cloudy and chilly today, so it is perfect for a hot drink this evening. Having more stress with the mortgage holder this morning, I never even got to my cup of coffee, so I figure tonight I am due. How is that for justification? I also have another motive. My SCD son cannot do lactose, so cream is out for him, although he loves coffee. About the only creamer he can use is coconut milk, and he is not entirely crazy about that combo. Being the good mom, I decided that some nice fall spices might mask that obvious coconut flavor. I think I hit on the right combo. This is a nice strong, spicy cup of fall delightfulness. It will be waiting for him when he gets home from his college class tonight. Okay, I will have to warm it up again, but still it is waiting.

For serving, I grabbed my Goodwill set of small mugs. These hold about 4 ounces, and are just right for this coffee, because it is rather strong. A slow sipper, and wonderful to be shared between two. It might make enough for three cups, but I have to admit to sipping quite a bit adjusting the sweetness. In my kitchen re-do, I stored away my big coffee pot and replaced it with a small 4 cup model. I loved the way the bright red appliance looked on my counter. I will bring out the big one when my coffee drinking number two son returns. Until then, this small one is great. Unfortunately, my coffee press got broken in the storm, so that option is out for me, but I think this recipe would work well with the coffee and spices in the press.

Cinnamon Mocha Coffee for Two

2 1/2 cups water
1/4 cup ground coffee
2 tsp cinnamon
a pinch of nutmeg
1 cup coconut milk
1 Tablespoon cocoa powder
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Sweetener to taste (I used stevia) 

Place the coffee grounds, cinnamon and nutmeg into the coffee maker. Brew the coffee with the water. While that is brewing, combine the coconut milk, cocoa, vanilla. Heat gently. When coffee is brewed, combine it with the coconut milk mixture. Sweeten to taste and serve. 

Even though events of the day have been rather irritating for me, I need to keep some bigger ideas in mind. There are always things to celebrate and be thankful for. Our cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends, got printed more quickly than expected. Orders are being shipped and soon (within 10-21 days) we will have our hands on this impressive collection of low carb recipes. I can't wait to get mine. Yes, even as an author, I can't get my copy before it is printed. Some copies are on their way to Amazon too. Hard to believe my work is going to be sold on Amazon. Wow. I have sold curriculum before, but nothing ever on a huge scale like that. Super exciting. You can check out the cookbook from When the books arrive at Amazon, you can order there.

As I was thinking about making a recipe for Christian, with his special diet requirements, I got to thinking about how many ways of eating this book supports. Of course, there is the general low carb community and diabetics like my hubby. But also, there are those who are gluten free. I know my son has to avoid gluten, so this book works for him. He also has to avoid starches, and regular gluten free cookbooks are usually full of starches that are forbidden on his plan. I often look through Paleo resources, since the ways of eating are very similar.  That makes our Among Friends book a good buy for the Paleo/Primal community as well.

If you want to hear more about the book, listen to the podcast interview with Jimmy Moore. Jennifer and Ian Eloff, our inspiring leaders, are the second interview at the 37 minute mark. Isn't technology great? We can listen whenever we want, and we can listen over and over. Cool.  This has been such a tremendous project, we are planning another volume to come out later this year. I am trying desperately to get back into the recipe development mode. Just a few more days of putting things away, and even my gameroom will be organized and ready for company. I still owe my contractor some money and he phoned me today. Unfortunately, the bank still has not released our funds. Nice man, he just laughed at my ongoing saga, and reminded me to set aside his copy of my cookbook when it arrived. After spending so much time in my house over the last three months, he is practically a member of the family. Being diabetic, he needs our book too. Among Friends is perfect for diabetics.  I am thinking one book is a good trade for his patience!


Retta said...

I'm glad to read the chaos is almost over for your house. :-)

I can't wait to get my copy. How nice your construction guy is willing to be patient for payment!

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