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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cookie Time!!!

I plan on making Christmas cookies this year. Cookies are tough to perfect when using regular ingredients, not to mention using low carb substitutes. I have made cookies in the past, and they were fine. Just fine. Not call your mama good. Hello Mom? These are good for a low carb cookie.

My mom thinks so too. I made a lot of test batches, and dare think I will never need to experiment again for a great low carb cookie. People all have such different preferences and this one recipe seems to fulfill so many cookie wish lists. I like crispy cookies. My friends would call it burned. But that is fine--I just call theirs dough. These cookies are versatile. With just one base recipe, you can make enough to please everyone. Really. This simple dough can make thin, fairly crispy cookies or perfect thick balls that are soft and tender on the inside. They don't spread out on the cookie sheet causing oven disasters. (at least none of the test batches had that problem with me...) They don't crumble when you take them off the sheet. So, you can mix up one batch and make 4 different kinds of cookies--or even more in one batch. My batch makes about 26 cookies. In the photo above I made these combos, all from one batch.
1. chocolate disks
2. chocolate balls
3. chocolate disks dipped in melted chocolate and crushed sugar free peppermints
4. vanilla disks
5. vanilla disks with chocolate on top
6. vanilla disks with chocolate and crushed peppermint
7. coconut disks  chocolate and vanilla
8. ginger spice disks
9. ginger spice balls
10. vanilla balls rolled in cinnamon "sugar"
11. strawberry jam thumbprints
12. vanilla disks with a pecan top
13. Chocolate disks topped with chocolate and crushed coffee flavored sugar free candies
14. vanilla disks topped with chocolate and crushed coffee flavored sugar free candies

Just think of all the other great cookies you could make--I mean, I don't even have sugarfree chocolate chips in the house, but I'm thinking....

I will post some individual cookie close up shots later, but I have to run now. By the way,  if I have sold you on this recipe, be sure your subscription to the Diner News is up to date. The recipe will be in the December issue going out tonight. Don't have it? Go here and fix that! Happy Baking!!!


Jennifer [Click the 3 connected dots in the Blogpost to PIN or Share it] said...

Pretty cookies and all from one recipe. That is amazing!

Retta said...

Oh goodie, these look so cute. Can't wait to get the newsletter.

People are really missing out if they don't get your newsletter. You always make it chock full of recipes, tips, hints, ideas, etc. And it's not just a duplicate of the blog, so it's really worth it, in case people are wondering. :-)

Lisa Marshall said...

Loretta--you are my best friend! Thanks! hugs to you

Joan said...

The cookie pictures are amazing and I know they will taste even better than they look! I love your recipes....the new cookbook is amazing.

I am making your toaster waffles today! Yum!