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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Browned Butter Whip

Oh my heavens this is good! It is a recipe from the November Diner News. I try very hard to include recipes in the newsletter that are not published here on the blog, so you know you get your money's worth. I made this again last night, because I am thinking it will be in the next volume of Low Carbing Among Friends, and I needed a good photograph. With all the holiday indulgences, I had forgotten how spectacular this side dish is. The browned butter is incredible. At least to me. My otherwise cauliflower loving son still did not like it. But then, he hates when I maked mashed cauliflower of any type, so what kind of judge is he?

This a mixture of cauliflower and rutabaga. I chose this time to mash it just with a hand masher, so the chunky texture would be there. It is fine to puree it in a processor too though. My hubby was always a fan of country style mashed potatoes, with small, firm pieces of potato and even skin left in. I think he might have eaten too many instant potatoes in his bachelor know it is really food, peeled buy someone's hands. This is like that, except for that butter, Browned butter has a nutty, salty taste all its own. I could drown myself in the stuff. Actually, if I ever had to choose my last meal, I think this would be on the plate.That is how much I like it!

Why show you a delicious side dish without the recipe, you say? We are checking in to bundling the Diner News from the 2011 and 2010, and selling them as a download document like we do the e-book. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Each year bundle would cost $6 just like the yearly subscription I deliver to your email. If you are not already a Diner News subscriber, this is a great way to get caught up. It also keeps me from reusing ideas from those years in upcoming issues, so it keeps me on my toes. I could get lazy and start running repeats, if not for the loyal Diners who have been with me from the start. If  we were not really living this lifestyle, I doubt I could come up with enough information and recipes to fill a 6-8 page newsletter each month.

So if you think you might order the back issue bundles, please leave me a comment so we can see how much interest there may be. In the meantime, I am eating this delicious Brown Butter Whip. Aren't you jealous?


Caroline Tobin said...

I would scoop those newsletter bundles up. I've loved everything I've tried that you've posted.

Retta said...

I dug out my copy of that newsletter. Have to admit, I didn't try that recipe, cuz it had the "R" word in it... rutabaga! But... I'm putting it on my grocery list for the next shopping trip, and giving it a try. Who knows... I might just love it!

I can definitely recommend the newsletters. People will be amazed by the amount of recipes, tips, ideas and useful stuff they will get for their 6 bucks! Totally worth it... such a deal!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely buy the bundles.

Anonymous said...

I would buy the bundles. Heather D

NeeCee said...

I think that is an awesome idea. I would love to buy your bundles.

Unknown said...

I would definitely buy a bundle. Every recipe of yours I try is yummy!

Anonymous said...

I would also be interested in the bundles! I just bought the eDiner book today. Can't wait to sit down and go through it all

Ancient Egypt Pyramids said...

Another Smart post from you Admin :)