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Friday, January 6, 2012

Inside Out Wafflewich Sandwich

I wrote about these in the Diner News for January. Just another fun idea if you have a waffle stick machine, like I do. You could also cut standard waffles into sticks for this unique finger food. I sent these to work with hubby. He has an extra long day at work today, running the bowl game tonight. These should sustain him! The flavor combo I came up with today is really, really good.

First, start off with a batch of savory waffles. My recipe in the ebook or Among Friends uses coconut flour, yogurt and cheese in the waffle, or you could use the garlic bread waffle sticks made with almond flour too.

For each Inside out Sandwich, you will need:

mayonnaise, mustard or creamy salad dressing (nothing that will soak in and make it soggy)
a slice of cheese (room temperature is best if it is not a processed cheese slice)
4-5 very thin slices of lunch meat
1 small lettuce leaf (optional)
1 sandwich stuffer/stacker pickle slice

Begin by adding a small dollup of mayo or mustard in each cavity of the waffle stick. It is really helpful to have squirt condiments here. Begin by wrapping a cheese slice around the waffle. Warm cheese works best. Over that, add two slices of lunch meat to secure the cheese into place. Next add the lettuce leaf and the pickle slice. Alternate where the layers end so the sandwich stays closed more securely. Finish it off with 2-3 more slices of lunch meat. Secure with a food pick if needed. Mine stayed secure just fine, but I added a pick with a feta stuffed olive for fun. The ones that were packed in the lunch box did not need picks, as hubby would never eat an olive, silly boy.
The combination of flavors I used today are incredible together. I used mayo, smoked Swiss cheese, salami and a bread and butter pickle slice. I buy the Mount Olive No Sugar Bread and Butter Sandwich Stuffers, but Vlasic has a dill version of the same pickle cut. That one is a Sandwich Stacker by name. I forgot to wash and dry  the lettuce this morning and had to get this lunch out under deadline, so the picture doesn't show that today.

If you try these, let me know what your favorite flavor combinations are. With so many cheeses and deli meats, these could be different every day of the week.

1 comment:

Joan said...

Yum, these also would be good made for breakfast too with one of those thin egg pancakes wrapped in there somewhere!