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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Among Friends Thursday- My Finger Food Tuna Snacks

So here's the scoop. Sorry I have posted two of my own recipes from the book this month. I do try to get the recipes from the other authors more, since A. most all my photos are already archived here, and B. it might help you to know my personal review. Obviously I like everything I post a recipe for. You might not believe how many attempts never get this far! But this recipe really is great summer food, and fits perfectly into my crazy hectic life right now! And since I accidentally left my camera in my oldest son's car, it is residing in Arkansas for another week. Oops. This is an older photo, but I haven't changed a thing. I did break that plate....sad, being the plate collector that I am.

We are in the midst of a heat wave. I hate to cook in the heat. I mean really, triple digits for more than a week, and it is not even July yet? Paleeease! So this is my answer for a meal to take with me to work on the building. Rich, cool, yummy and easy to eat. That fits the bill. No cooking. Tuna, cream cheese, Cheddar and almonds.  These little balls of deliciousness are listed in the appetizer section of the Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook, but I eat them most often as the protein in my lunch. So good! You can even make a big batch and freeze some. They thaw out by lunchtime and make the easiest lunch packing ever. Look for the recipe on page 219. GREAT for when your life is crazy busy like mine has been the last few weeks.

The new book will be coming out soon. You will want to buy that one too.  I haven't seen it either, but I know you will want it! Plus lots more photos on the website. Check this link to see photos of recipes in the new book.


Retta said...

What a good idea for lunches to send with hubby to work... I will definitely try this one out soon. Thanks!

PS: the link to the photos didn't work

Unknown said...

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Margareth said...

very creative snack!