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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Among Friends Thursday--My Hickory Sauce

Sometimes life is just too much to be a good blogger. This is pretty much one of those seasons.

In the midst of launching a new business, with building out delays on our location, I got the phone call. Of course, everyone dreads the call advising you that a loved one is gravely ill. But sometimes, they do come. Although my father and I have had a troubled relationship over the years, emotional ties remain. I willl spare you the details, but life is bound to have a little more turmoil for me the next few weeks. My father lives about a hundred miles away, so everything is complicated.

I realize that I am not alone in having a complicated life. The posts may be fewer, as they have been, but I am not giving up. This is tonight's dinner. I didn't try out any of my co-author's recipes, as I often do. Instead, stress is best dealt with by serving the meals I can assemble without a thought. Two of my man pleasing favorites. Like the plate says, no meal is an accident. We do still have to think about what we feed ourselves, especially under stress. This meal is Hickory Sauce from page 255 of Low Carbing Among Friends and Nana's Coleslaw with a Kick from page 225. No brainers. The  hickory sauce in the photo is stirred into some Freezer Favorite roasted pork I packaged up about  6 weeks ago. See how freezer prep can save your life? Today, I tried a new flavor of my favorite brand of liquid smoke. The Wright's Applewood flavor is very good too. I think I still prefer the Hickory, though. With pre-packaged coleslaw mix in the fridge, this easy meal did not add to my stress levels at all. With the holiday plans, news of my dad, my obligations to back-breaking work at our educational program, and a radio show to put together, I am betting my stress levels would measure off the charts. Funny how even when that happens, families still need to eat. We have eaten out more than I would prefer, but sometimes, the world is just too much. I am betting we have all been there from time to time, as no one is perfect. If I didn't have these freezer meals, my kitchen would be totally overwhelming right now.  I covet your prayers and thank you for the support and love I feel from so many of my blog friends.  ~  Lisa


T2Nashville said...

Praying for you, your dad, and your whole family, Lisa! Hang in there!

Ginny said...

Looks great Lisa! Life has a way of throwing those stressors at us unexpectedly! Praying for you all.

Retta said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Father's illness. You are so generous here on your blog, so please don't feel stressed about not posting so much. You do what you need to do, and just know we out here will be supporting you with our caring and prayers.