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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Among Friends Thursday--Carolyn's Zucchini Pie

Today I am featuring a recipe from Carolyn--her Zucchini Pie. The sausage variation that is. No small feat that I turned on the oven today. I hear my little corner of the globe was the hottest place on earth yesterday, and today is going to be even hotter. 113 degrees today. Are we kidding?

So I got up really early to do my baking. I didn't even try this one on the hubster because he makes a face when I serve zucchini. Well most of the time. I can sneak it in stir fries and a few dishes. But the star of the show? No. For those of you with an abundance of squash from your garden, this is an excellent recipe. Maybe your garden isn't burned up like mine. My herbs are crisping themselves in the pot. My strawberries blooms keep forming, the shriveling in the heat. You know it is too hot when even the sweet potato vine is not spreading. I am so ready for summer to end. Or to go spend some time someplace cool. Any invites for a visit?

Back to the recipe.Page 176 of Low Carbing Among Friends Volume I, by the way. Carolyn says this is like her old version done with baking mix. I assume that impossible kind? Never having made one of those zucchini style, I can't compare. I thought it could use a little more of a flavor boost. That may be because of my marjoram being older. Perhaps a fresher bottle would have added more flavor. My bad. I don't use marjoram too often though. Next time, I will play around with the herbs, perhaps using some from the garden. If they survive the heatwave and IF I am ever willing to turn on my oven again!

No, I know I will return to my oven. Afterall, soon we will all be trying out the recipes in Low Carbing Among Friends Volume II. It is August, and pre-orders will be shipping before the end of the month. I don't have my copy yet, but I am really excited to see it. So much talent in there. So many phenomenal recipes. The whole series is going to be amazing. Jennifer and her husband Ian were inspired to come up with this idea. The best from so many cooks and nutritionists? If you want to order either book--or both, just click the link to the right and that will take you to the Low Carbing Among Friends website. Maybe we can read some of those incredible cake and casserole recipes while we lounge poolside!

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