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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Please excuse the momentary diversion

I will have some low carb goodies soon. I am super busy working on the next Diner News...and working on our "school." I mention it often. It is a huge part of my life now. In launching, we are struggling like most new businesses. We have several students who would like to attend, but the families just cannot find tuition money. We would love to help with scholarships, but until our enrollment increases, every dollar matters. We are raising money with an Indiegogo campaign. You see, we are not a traditional school. We are for kids who don't fit in with most schools. My son was one of those. This past summer, he introduced himself as "broken" in one of our meetings. I cried. With his severe dyslexia, he would have been considered broken. With our academic intervention, he went on to earn a 4.0 in college the last year and a half. He is just one of our amazing stories. His happy ending never would have happened if he had remained in a classroom, struggling to keep up with the other 25 kids.

 I know there are many kind, wonderful human beings out there who follow my blog and buy my books. Much of the money from my cookbook sales are going to fund this educational program, so this is your project too. Included with it is a great little video that gives insight into what we are about. Take a look at the campaign just to see the video. Then you will know what I am doing all day (I do still do some cooking at our eLemenT house, but my time is definitely an issue) If you are so inclined, leave a gift toward our scholarship fund. If you think we have a worthwhile endeavor here, please share it with your friends. I promise the next post will have a recipe! Until then, please check this out.

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