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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bacon Cheesecake Cups

 First off, this is not one of those sweet bacon recipes. The cheesecake is not sweetened at all, but I can promise you these are amazing!

That said, wow has it been a crazy week around our house! Our home was burglarized on Monday. My husband returned home from work just about an hour after we all left because he had forgotten something. He found the house ransacked, and all of our laptops missing, as well as both Playstations and games. Scary stuff. Talking to me on the phone, he saw they had broken in our French doors off the kitchen. Looking outside, John noticed a  backpack near the back fence. Inside that and another bag were the items being stolen. We can only assume that his unexpected return surprised the thieves, and sent them running over the fence. They must not be very good jumpers, because they seem to have dropped everything they stole.  Now I would like to say that my guard dog  Tinker, the almost 90 pound pit bull scared them away. I think not. It seems that they had time to look through upstairs and even use our own bags to haul away our things. Tinker is so darned friendly! Still, I am glad they didn't hurt my hubby or my dogs, but those were some brave or stupid robbers. They opened my bedroom drawers, but passed over a diamond necklace in a velvet box. They must have been hoping for drugs. Too bad for them, we are all so healthy. Had I lost my laptop, the newsletter would not have gone out either--and let's not talk about all the recipes I already have done for the next edition of Low Carbing Among Friends!

This week, I had convention to attend for our school, and all the preparations for it. Our educational program is so small, just a few of us do all the work! It is amazing how tired one gets at these events. It wasn't physically demanding, but the stress of putting your best face on for hours seems to take a toll on me. Long days anyway! Crazy weeks like these seem to be the norm lately. Seems I am busier now than ever before! Blogging my recipes takes a spot on the back burner when I have the newsletter to get out and all these other obligations.  But I am back today. Doing some prep for the week with a recipe to share.

It is funny how I get stuck on a theme. Last week I was busy creating muffin tin meals, since that was the theme of the May Diner News. I had lots of fun stuff in that one. Seemingly, I am having a hard time letting that concept rest. This recipe is made in a muffin tin too. It is sooo delicious! I took my old recipe for cheesecake muffins and left out the sweetener. Instead I added some onion and jalapeno seasoning. That and baked them up inside bacon crusts. Amazing!

Bacon Cheesecake Cups

13 slices thick cut bacon
1 lb cream cheese, softened
2 eggs
1 tsp minced dried onion
1 tsp jalapeno seasoning OR 1 tbsp minced jalapeno pepper (optional)

Place slices of bacon on a cookie sheet. Place into a cold oven. Turn the oven on to 350 degrees. Cook bacon for about 20 minutes. or until it is cooked but not crisp. Remove from oven and allow to cool about 5 minutes. Wrap one strip around the outer edges of each of 12 standard muffin cups. Crumble the remaining strip. Place a drop or two of the bacon grease in the base of each muffin cup.

In a medium bowl, use a hand mixer to combine cream cheese, eggs, onion and seasoning. Divide the batter among the muffin cups, taking care to stay inside the bacon ring. Bake for 20 minutes. The cheesecake will puff, but fall after the cups cool. Garnish with crumbled bacon.

12 cups, each:   313 calories    8 g protein   30 g fat   2 g net carbs

All my guys loved these.  John's did not have the jalapeno seasoning. I mixed the cheesecake batter first without the peppers, poured his out, then added seasoning to the rest of the batter. You can add it--or fresh peppers--as you like.

If you want to go even easier, you can skip the bacon around the edges, and instead just cook it more thoroughly, then crumble it and add it to the batter. I tried that out too. They both taste great, but I definitely prefer the wrapped version because the bacon is crispier. But then, I am a crispy bacon gal, myself.

Hoping for an easier week, but thanking the good Lord for keeping us safe and miraculously in possession of our electronics.

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a said...

I'm saddened to hear of your break-in. It has happened to me twice, and you feel so violated. I hope you have found some normalcy.

These Cheesecake/Bacon cups sound delicious! I have to try them. Thank you for your recipes and tips for us Diabetics. Mine is Genetic. Take care, toughen up that Pit Bull, and have a great new week! Denise :)

Lisa Marshall said...

There is no hope for my pitty. He is hopelessly sweet. I just thought the sight of him might scare someone off.

TooTall said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear about your break-in! People are such scumbags!! I'm glad everyone was ok, though, and they didn't get away with their haul. :-/

On a happier note, this recipe is going on my Mother's Day menu :D Looks AMAZING!


Nichole @ said...

That is so incredibly scary, Lisa! I have a friend who travels a lot for work and his home was broken into; whomever was robbing him seemed to know when he wouldn't be there and my friend came home early and didn't catch them in the act or anything but similar to your husband scaring them away. In other news, i can't wait to make this recipe!

Dona said...

...and Im thinking, line a pie plate w/ bacon and cook until almost crisping. Blend the cream cheese mixture and pour it over the bacon and pop it back in the oven. Serve sliced like a pie and topped w/ sour cream....maybe a raw chopped fresh tomato salsa (whats that called?).

Lisa Marshall said...

Dona, I haven't had much luck with bacon crusts. I am not crazy about the texture. With the bacon on the side of this recipe, the bacon stays more crisp. Give your version a go though! Let me know how it works for you.

Unknown said...

These cupcakes are really awesome looking. But I must say that avoid eating and drinking too much junk or sugary things. They make you feel lazy and fat. Once in a week is fine.

Thanks for the blog post and for the sharing of the recipe.

Finn Felton
Kopi Luwak

Leon Hardy said...

Some people have no self morals or respect. I had the same type of thing happen to me 3 years ago but I caught the thieves trying to get in my front door. They soon ran off after been caught out. x

Anonymous said...

So glad you have your things back....but scary, too.

1 pound of cream cheese to only 2 eggs? Am I ready that right?

Anonymous said...

OMG these are crazy good! Taking them to Bacon Day at work lol.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're all safe! Ya need a mini Schnauzer-if it doesn't bite, it will bark them to death, lol!
Gonna make these beauties this weekend! Thank you, Bacon Goddess ��

Sabina said...

Can't wait to try these out. Do you think they would freeze well?

Anonymous said...

I'm not understanding this. Wrap the bacon around the outside of a muffin tin. Next you say pour the filling in the bacon? I'm missing something somehow. Confused?

Unknown said...

Awesome recipe... we got broken into as well... our TOY POODLES didn't scare anyone, needless to say... like you, thankful they weren't hurt!

Unknown said...

I made these this morning without the onion or peppers and I LOVED them!! Thanks for sharing...

Lovelifeandsweat said...

I may be missing the point here, but I thought the goal of a low carb diet was to promote a healthy lifestyle. I'm having a hard time understanding how 13 pieces of bacon and a LB of cream cheese can possibly be good for you. Sure this tastes good, and its low carb but is this going to make you leaner than you are right now? Are your arteries not paying the price? Sometimes you have to sacrifice what tastes good to make the gains you want.

Unknown said...

I made these this morning without the onion or peppers and I LOVED them!! Thanks for sharing...