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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Western Breakfast Sandwiches

Hope you all have missed me. Two steps forward three steps back these days. It has been tough to blog without a computer. Yep, I need to call out a posse.  The same thieves returned and got things this time. Including my laptop, complete with recipes and photos for the upcoming Among Friends book. I am so stressed out. I lost much of my documents for our school as well. Currently, I am working on John's laptop. Fortunately it was not at home that day. It doesn't even have Word loaded on it though. Add the cost of a new computer to the price of the new locks and the new glass in the French doors, and we are beyond broke. Just the new glass was over $400. Time to redo all that work is even more scarce, as we are in the midst of year end evaluations and writing curriculum for summer camp programs. Yikes. The police are fairly sure they know who did it,  but told us we needed to be our own detectives because my city has only 8 cops working hundreds of burglaries a day. That is reassuring.

Life is slowly returning to normal. Well, a little closer to it anyway. I have a friend who has offered to replace my laptop with an older desktop computer. Our thieves don't seem to want those. Maybe sometime this week I will be able to begin reformatting all my recipes. I will have to rephotograph most of my submissions too. Stupid me. I should have backed it all up when they tried to steal it the first time.

So thank you if you are still reading through my saga. I will reward you with a breakfast sandwich that we really liked. Since we finally got a Sprout's grocery, and I found psyllium husks, I had made a couple of batches with Maria's Toasted  Sub Sandwich and Panini Bread. I made some bun sized rolls that worked great. I use the coconut flour version and they are awesome...and not purple with my Sprouts brand, either.

The filling is a take off of one of our all time favorites from the Diner e-Book. The Cowboy Comfort breakfast. There are some changes, but it is a great change from sausage and eggs. Try it, and make any changes that best suit you! I have been reading a novel about the Indian Territory, and that western theme made this breakfast extra tasty. I would love to share the story behind that story, but that is for another day.

Western Breakfast Sandwich

11/2  lb lean ground beef
1 small onion, diced
1/2 yellow or green bell pepper, diced
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
1 1/2 tsp Wright's Liquid Smoke
8 oz cream cheese
6 eggs, beaten
6 low carb sandwich buns (

In a large skillet, brown ground beef with onion and peppers. Drain off any fat. Stir in the liquid smoke. Set the burner on low under the skillet. Use a knife to cut pieces of cream cheese and add them to the skillet. Let the cream cheese melt for about 5 minutes, then stir into the meat mixture. Turn meat to medium. Stir in beaten eggs and stir until eggs are set. Salt and pepper to taste. Split and toast buns. Fill with meat mixture and serve.

You could also use sausage in this, or add mushrooms, chilies, whatever you like! As soon as I get a computer of my own again, I hope to be back blogging more often. If summer camps don't kill me, that is.


Retta said...

Oh Lisa! I somehow missed the last post, and just went to read it. I am sooo sorry this is happening to you. It makes me burn, and is so frustrating that they got away with this. I can't begin to imagine how you must feel!

Even though no one was injured... still, I hope they get caught and have the book thrown at them!

Ginny said...

Oh no Lisa! I'm so sorry to hear that! How awful!
The recipe looks like a very hearty breakfast! Thanks for taking the time with all that is going on in your life, to share it!

Anonymous said...

How awful! I hope this is the end of the bad luck and things get back to normal.

The recipe looks great!

Jen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this Lisa, it really makes me feel sick. Hope everything returns to normal now :)

Wowzer, recipe looks good. Food always makes things better :)

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