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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kalua Pork Under Pressure

It is cold here...and dreary inside and out. I would love a vacation to the islands, so today I tried to make a taste of Hawaii. OK, so I cheated. A lot. I did not bury a pig in a pit in the back yard for hours. Since my family owned a barbecue restaurant when I was a teenager, I know that some folk--even here in Oklahoma-- actually do cook the whole pig. I recall being really uncomfortable when we had a whole pig in the back kitchen. We girls would go and cover its head with a napkin so we didn't have to see the face. It was a weekend long process to slow roast those. I never hung around for that part, but I will admit they are tasty. (I spend most of my life suppressing the thought of butchering. I would have starved as a pioneer.)

So not having a whole pig, hurray, and not having the whole weekend, and certainly unable to dig a pit in the frozen earth....the next best thing is slow cooking. You and I could do that. Just use the same recipe and devote about 10-12 hours for the crockpot to work its magic. I have a new toy though. A multi-cooker. It is both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. I had been in appliance envy ever since I saw Maria offer one as a prize. Finally broke down and did some research and bought a less pricey model, the Nesco. Now I am in that awkward stage of getting to know it. I may be in love. I feel a little guilt though. I have had a long term relationship with my current crockpot and pressure cooker. Wore the glaze off the crock and had to replace it with a Goodwill crock that does not match. Can you say ugly? My pressure cooker is the stovetop variety. It needs a new gasket and I seem unable to get one ordered. While I love it, it does need babysitting while I constantly adjust my burner to keep it at the right pressure. Kinda like watching a toddler and being unable to complete a thought. You never know what it is going to do next. Retiring these beloved kitchen tools just seems sad. When I think of all the meals they fed my boys...

But just as I am adjusting to a new season of life as a nearly empty nester, I guess I can let go and reward myself with a few upgrades. The fact that Pearson is still home for a month or so, I should enjoy feeding him. He loved today's selection. He will miss mom's cooking when he is in his apartment, right? This simple, so simple recipe smells so delicious, I am betting half the neighborhood would come visit me if I get lonely.

Purists would say to use Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt. Purists would also want you to wrap the pig in leaves and bury it in the pit. I am a cheater. Go buy the salt if you can find it. I might. But in the meanwhile, sea salt works for me. My all time favorite Wright's Liquid smoke does all the flavoring work you need. Mesquite is amazing.

I made a rather small batch today because I am using the pork roast as my Triple Play meal for the week. The other half is cooking with Italian flavorings as we speak. Hopefully that one will be good enough to share.

Kalua Pork Under Pressure

2 lb Pork Roast (or larger)
1 tsp coarsely ground sea salt
1 cup water
2 tsp Wright's Mesquite Liquid Smoke 

Cut the roast into 2 chunks. Rub the surface with sea salt. Place water in the cooker. Stir in 1 tsp of the liquid smoke. Place the pork on the steaming rack. Cook for 40 minutes under high pressure. Let the pressure come down naturally. Remove the meat and shred with two forks. Use a portion of the collected broth to moisten the meat as you desire. Stir in 1 tsp additional liquid smoke.

Slow Cooker directions: Follow the same steps and cook for 10-12 hours on the low setting.

Serves 6-8.   Less than 1 carb for the pork. A cup of cooked cabbage is 4 net carbs.

Native Islanders often eat Kalua Pig with cabbage, braised or raw. I sauteed some in bacon grease and steamed it the last 3 minutes of cooking by adding 1/3 cup of water to the pan. Let the water evaporate and it is just right. Cauliflower rice would be a close to traditional paring as well. For the non low carbers, this dish makes amazing sandwiches. Make some low carb bread: you won't be sorry.

If you want to check out the cooker I bought, check out this video. I am not representing this product in any way and am not compensated for any endorsement.

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Anonymous said...

Never thought about the liquid smoke! I don't know why, but haven't. I miss BBQ and duh.. liquid smoke.. no carbs! :)

Lisa Marshall said...

Wrights is the best by far.

Anonymous said...

My pressure cooker does not have a steamer rack. Can I just put it in the liquid?

Lisa Marshall said...

Just roll up some balls of foil and rest it on that.

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