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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pizza Crust a la Peggy a la Jen

There must be a bazillion low carb pizza crusts out there. Some better than others, some easier than others. Today I just had to have pizza. I have a church leadership training session tonight, and they are catering in pizzas. Me in a small room, trapped with closed doors and an over abundance of pizza? Not a good combination. So after my big kids headed back to Arkansas today, I ran into the kitchen and whipped up this recipe from Low Carbing Among Friends Vo. 2. (Page 92)

The original version is via Peggy Hardaway at Buttoni's Low Carb Recipes. (it is the second one down) Peggy has lots of great low carb and keto recipes! Check it out. It is wonderful that she shared her talents with us. Jennifer Eloff, our team leader at Low Carbing Among Friends, made this tasty version and modified it to use her Gluten Free Bake Mix. It doesn't take long to whip up a batch of her mix if you don't have some made already. That is something we should always keep on hand. (Jennifer is an amazing baker. I have never had any of her recipes turn out anything but delicious) Her bake mix calls for oat flour. Rather than order that, I grind my own in my bullet blender since I use so little. Go visit Jennifer's blog to find all her wonderful recipes.

This pizza crust surprised me. At first, I thought I had really goofed it up because the dough seemed too wet. I carried on and followed instructions to place some plastic wrap on top of the dough to roll it to fit the pan. Jennifer suggests a small rolling pin or can of veggies, but I just used my fingers and it was much easier than I anticipated. I baked it as suggested--10 minutes on the middle rack and 10 minutes on the lower rack. It smelled great. When I went back at the timer, I was so upset. What I saw inside looked like a burned mess. I took it out immediately and checked the bottom. It seemed really brown but had not stuck as some crusts do. I tasted the edge and it did not taste burnt at all. Hmm. I went ahead and whipped up a tomato sauce and topped my pizza with cheese and pepperoni. I popped it back in just long enough to melt the cheese. My version was great. Really flavorful crust. It passed the hold-it-in-your-hand test. We will see how it does traveling later tonight. That said, I had better go pack it up. I have to be there in an hour!

My problem will be not eating the whole thing by myself. Jennifer has it listed at 10 or 12 servings. Umm, I think more like 4, and that is being good. It is under 3 carbs a slice, so I can do that!

If you want the recipe, head over to Jen's blog, or better yet, go buy our books: copy today.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't tried Jen's version yet, Lisa. I keep meaning to. Actually, of my two recipes at your link, I think the Gluten-Free one at the top of that webpage is the better of the two recipes. I've made it a bazillion times now and it never lets me down. It's also less inclined to overbrown than the Carbquick recipe. Both are good, though. Glad you liked your results!

Lisa Marshall said...

I will have to try that one too! Thanks Peggy!