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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pizza Passions

My hubby laughs when he reminds me that I used to tell him I could eat Pizza everyday. It is still so true! I am a bit too passionate about my pizza. It is so hard to go out to eat and only have salad while everyone else devours the gooey cheese and those slightly crispy edges on the pepperoni. Now, I know I can still eat those things, but I am way too thrifty to only eat the toppings. I have been known to do it at Cici's, though. (That is an all you can eat pizzeria if they don't have them where you are) But with the skimpy toppings they use, the pile of pizza "bones" (as we affectionately call leftover crust) mounds up in piles big enough to feed a starving African child for several months. I can't handle the guilt. (I usually sneak out the bones to feed the dogs to alleviate my guilt) There is still the embarrassment factor of people staring at such an odd eating habit. I always think others are taking bets on how many more I will strip. Or what I am stuffing into my purse. I'm afraid the managers will toss me out on the street. Who needs that stress?

I have tried lots of low carb crusts. Most are too much work for me. I do love to use Joseph's Lavash bread when I want a thin and crispy crust. Nancyelle's egg and cheese crust is good, but it takes a bit of time to assemble and bake. Look in the cookbook at Signature Pizzas if you want that recipe. Today I didn't want to go to the trouble to make a crust. Then I start to wondering---why go to all the trouble just to be able to pick it up? How fast could I get that same flavor? So I put it to the test today. Here is the plan that works.

From your freezer, grab a batch of Italian Minute Beef. That is precooked hamburger with tomatoes and Italian spices already added. Nuke it a bit so you can spoon some out. Add the ground beef to a microwavable bowl. Then add more "topping" ingredients. Today I chopped a bit of onion and two mushrooms. I really wanted green peppers, but they are all gone. Throw in some pepperoni and some grated cheese. Stir it a bit, nuke it again until hot. Serve it with a salad (you do already have this chopped in your fridge, remember) and you'll think you are at the best Pizza place in town. Best yet, it is quicker than waiting in line to place an order.

Gone is the guilt...all done in just a couple of minutes. Yummmmmmm

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