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Monday, January 6, 2014

Keto Menu Planning Sheets

Call me old fashioned. I am a paper planner. Notes on my computer don't do it for me and I don't have a smart phone for all those cool apps. I use my software to gather all my nutrition data, and My Fitness Pal for some things, but I still just like paper. For one thing, once I have a day filled out with balanced carbs, fat and protein, I can use it again and save my time logging in my menu. I have never been very good at keeping a food diary. Ugh. I am really trying--no resolution mind you--to do the Keto plan and watching my ratios. Getting in higher fat while limiting calories takes a lot more planning than I am accustomed to. I can eat low carb and cruise along fine, but I don't lose weight. To drop pounds, I have to be far more careful. These planners are helping me. I thought they might help you too, so I am adding the link to Google Documents. Feel free to use them if they help. The one above is for a single day--breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once I plan my three meals, I see if I have room for a treat. It might be a fat bomb. It can be something like a little protein boost. My favorite there is a spoonful of nutbutter. I also add some freebies--so far that is dessert tea or some stevia sweetened gelatin.

The second is a template for individual meal cards. Once I mass a collection of keto approved meals, I can use the cards interchangeably to build daily menus. There is a place for all parts of the meal, but a soup or casserole will work too. I included a box for the source of the recipe too, be it a blog site, one of our cookbooks, or any other web source. I am thinking this much planning in the early weeks is going to save massive amounts of time and frustration later on. I am very hopeful that this is going to work for me. My metabolism is such a challenge at my, as a cancer survivor myself and with a family history of dementia among the older females, this way of eating just makes sense. I now see that I have been eating way too much protein and even too many vegetable carbs to be at my optimal health. John is not being as strict with proportions, but will be eating the same foods, so we will see how this goes. The 24/7 Low Carb Diner News January issue features daily menus and recipes I have already made up. Great for starters!


Let me know if you have any suggestions, these forms are a work in progress and I am a relative newby at counting!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your keto menu planning documents!! Did the January newsletter go out yet as I haven't received it. I am excited to read it. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! i've been wanting something 'eye catching" and simple to keep me on track that covered all the basis. KUDOS!

Anonymous said...

What a great help! Thank you so much!

unter der laterne said...

well, count me out!I know that I will not be able to stick with it!
But good luck to you all!

carla prasad said...

I m with you ,,,these meal planning menus are great ~

carla prasad said...

I m with you ,,,these meal planning menus are great ~

Lynna said...

These are great....thanks so much for sharing them with us. Lynna

Pat Shake said...

Oh my goodness this is perfect and the newsletter was great (I had the keto sausage muffins this morning) I am in the same situation as far as getting the weight off has been so hard - but having a hard time wrapping my mind around percentages of fat, protein, carbs and putting it into practice. I am just not good with the fitday and techno stuff. I was wondering if you might consider sharing your weekly mealplans again? I would be so very glad to pay to have it all worked out for me!!!! This whole keto thing has given me much hope that I can lose these 25 lbs because the bad thing is that the weight slowly creeps up and up. God bless you Lisa