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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scary Treats That Are NOT So Sweet!

I am really much more of a Christmas kind of girl, but this time of year, some of these spooky treats are fun. We have been reading Edgar Allen Poe at school, so creepy is a good thing! I do love a good scare from time to time.

I have to say the students all loved these eggs when I packed them up in my bento box this week. Yes, I eat with the kids. We don't even have a teacher lounge. I think the spiders were the biggest hit among the teens. From a distance they are totally scary. Especially since we seem to have more than our share of spiders in the old house that serves as our school.

These decorations are not my own invention, I admit to seeing pictures of similar ones floating around Pinterest. What is different about mine is the taste factor. These scary bites are not laden with food colorings, To get the creepy colors, I used pesto. Talk about a flavor boost there! That made them extra fun and extra tasty. Super easy too. Make a batch for your family this week. Or just for you to scare your co-workers!

This one is more of a process than a recipe. I didn't make a full batch of any of them. I have confidence that you can figure out the numbers and make as many of each as you like. You are smart like that.

Scary Eggs

hard boiled eggs
basil pesto (or any green pesto)
sundried tomato pesto (or any red pesto)
Caesar dressing or mayonnaise
Kalamata olives for spiders
Green olives with pimentos for eyeballs
Hot sauce
Green onion, chive or slices of green bell peppers for pumpkin stems

Hard boil eggs. I do mine in my electric pressure cooker. Easiest peel ever!
Cut the cooled eggs in half. Remove the yolks.

For Pumpkin Eggs: Place yolks in a bowl. Add 1 tsp red pesto for each full egg. Stir to combine. Moisten with Caesar dressing until creamy. Spoon the orange tinted egg mixture back into whites. Round the mixture and add a sliver of green bell pepper or green onion for the stem.

For Eyeball Eggs: Place yolks in a bowl. Add 1 tsp green pesto for each full egg. Stir to combine. Moisten with Caesar dressing until creamy. Spoon the green tinted egg mixture back into whites, making an iris. Round the mixture. Slice a green olive with pimentos in half. Place the pimento half into the yolk mixture making a pupil. Use a toothpick to drizzle hot sauce on the whites to create a blood shot look.

For Spider Eggs: Place yolks in a bowl. Moisten with Caesar dressing and whip with a fork until creamy. Spoon  egg mixture back into whites. Cut olives in half lengthwise. Press one half into the yolk.  Use another half to cut legs. One half will make 4 lengthwise cuts, creating 4 legs. Repeat with another half olive. Press the legs into the yolks, forming spider legs.

Each spider egg (2 halves) has approximately 117 calories and 2 carbs. 
The eyes have 121 calories and 1 carb
The pumpkin has 113 calories and 1 carb.

I like the purple spiders, but if black olives are what you have, go for it! I used pestos from Aldi. If you don't have a low carb Caesar dressing, go ahead with mayo or ranch dressing. Like I said, a process not a recipe here.

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