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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bacon Bowls--As Seen on TV

Everyone knows low carbing is all about bacon, right? Well, not to further that stereotype, but this time it is about bacon. I had seen the Perfect Bacon Bowl at the stores, but the price point was too high for me. Then it happened. The Dollar Tree did it to me again. Bacon Bowls for a buck. Actually, two for a buck. I had to try it. I am a sucker for gadgets.

These are sturdier than I thought they would be. And no, I am not being compensated at all for this review. Although I had mixed results my first try out, I think my dollar investment was not wasted. I made my sweetie a nice Valentine breakfast. He really liked the bacon and Cottage Cheese Eggs that filled the bowl. Given that it was such a special day, he also got some fresh strawberries and a Cinnamon Dutch Baby pancake. Check Low Carbing Among Friends Volume 1 for the Dutch Baby recipe. Still yummy after all these years. Cottage Scramble is in the Sept. 2014 Diner News. Love the texture of those eggs!

The bacon bowl instructions allow for use in a microwave oven, standard oven or toaster oven. Since my hubby keeps trying to get me to replace my toaster oven, I opted not to use it. The toaster oven still works fine after more than 20 years so why replace it? Just in case a grease fire broke out, I did not want him to win that argument. Even on Valentine's Day. Microwave and standard oven for us.

I tried the microwave version first. Learning curve here trying to guestimate the cooking time for your appliance. It worked great--even though I did try to pick it up with my clunky oven mitt and spilled a bit of hot fat. No injury, just a mess on the countertop. The bacon may have been a tad overcooked, but that is the way I like it. Undercooked bacon is something I just don't do. I will just reduce the cooking time by about 15 seconds next time.

 John would have liked it a bit "less crisp" shall we say. I decided his would be the oven variety. True, it did take 30 minutes, but I was willing to wait. It looked great. Not at all burned crispy. The problem is, it got stuck to the little pan in two places and fell apart when I was trying to remove the bowl from the form. I am willing to give it another go, but this time, one of us didn't get a bowl. Saint that I am, I endured the less than crisp bacon so my darling could have the amazing bowl. It was my labor of love afterall. It must have worked. He still loves me on this, our 28th Valentine's Day together.

Overall, these little gadgets are fun. I am glad they are deeply discounted though. For a dollar, even if you only use them a couple times a year, it is worth it. The box shows eggs and even dessert. No, not going there. But I do think they would make a really cute lunch version filled with broccoli salad. You know, the kind with the sweet dressing, cheese and maybe a few sunflower seeds? The box claims you can make bread bowls as well. Not so sure about low carb bread, as working without gluten is another whole learning curve. If sticking to the bacon, what would you fill them with?

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Alicia said...

I've been wanting to try those as well! It's good to know that they do work well. Thanks for the review.

CARLA said...


Cynthia J. Coleman said...

I wonder if it would work with ham?

Anonymous said...

You can also use an upside down muffin tin in the oven. Accomplishes the same thing and you can make multiple bowls at a time. Just remember to set tin inside a baking pan or something to catch any oil overspill .