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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Korean Kalbi BBQ Sausage Skillet

Never too busy to cook, right? I have been a little overly busy lately. I was a bit behind schedule getting the Diner News out. Saturday was my kitchen day. Then it rained and was so gloomy all day. No photo ops at all. Since I had three grocery stores to visit on Friday, just a little bit of cooking got done then.

So it all fell on Sunday. Let me say, goodbye to my regular prep routine. It was all sausages, all day. Sausages, you say? Why sausages? Well, that happens to be the Diner News theme this month. I really am a fan of sausages. There are so many more healthy options that we had a few years ago. Many are just 1 or 2 carbs these days. And the flavors available now...Wow. I love all the fresh sausage at Sprouts. Good value and 2 carbs per really generous link. Trader Joe's have some fabulous options too. (I do think their sausages tend to shrink more in the cooking though.) I also love the Italian Turkey sausages at Aldi. Warehouse stores have some interesting finds too.

Many sausages are pre-cooked. What time savers those are. Often, I just cut one up into a salad and lunch is prepped and ready to go. The are great for dinners when you just don't want to think about anything else too. Or hot weather, when you don't want to heat up the oven.

If you want the low down on all my finds, you just have to have this month's Diner News. Remember, it is just $6 for 12 months and almost every recipe is new. That is why I am so busy and tired. I cook and experiment a lot for each edition. With no new cookbooks out, this is one of my main income streams. I promise these newsletters are worth the price. (I hear they are worth more)

Here is an interesting dish I created yesterday from an unusual sausage I found at Trader Joe's. Spicy Chicken Sausage: A Korean Inspired Kalbi BBQ Recipe. These are fully cooked, so they are super speedy for a quick stir fry. Especially when you take advantage of TJ's frozen peppers and onions. I also adore snow peas, and those are especially good here! And gorgeous to boot. I used Shirataki Rice for my filler. That did get some conversation at the school lunch table today. I am not so sure anyone else is a fan. I happen to like the rice much more than the noodles. Considering the calorie count, it is a win for me. Try this recipe. It is really yummy.

Korean Kalbi Style BBQ Skillet

2 Trader Joe’s spicy Chicken Korean Kalbi BBQ Sausages
1 tbsp refined coconut oil
1 cup snow peas
1 cup frozen peppers and onion blend
1 tsp minced garlic
7 oz bag shirataki rice*

Slice sausages and set aside. Heat oil in a skillet. Sauté snow peas, peppers and onions. When vegetables are soft, add sliced sausages and garlic. When hot,  stir in Sambal Oelek to taste.   Divide among plates and serve with tamari.  283 CAL 7 NET G CARB

· Substitute caulirice for an extra 2 net g carbs per serving

If you prefer to use riced cauliflower, Trader Joe's is a great place to buy it. Fresh or frozen. Couldn't be easier.

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Alice said...


Looks and sounds great! Thank you for all you do!

In the body of the blog you said the Diner News price was $6 per month and toward the bottom that it is $6 per year.

Just thought you would want to know!

Thanks and take care,

essay best said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such information. It seems that the dishes will be very tasty and definitely I am going to try this.

Viktor said...

Looks like fun, this is really delicious and yummy

unter der laterne said...

Hi Lisa,
My husband is like yours and dislikes spicy and hot food . Were the Kalbi sausages to his liking ? Please let me know if it is not too much trouble . Thank you , Barbara.