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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

George is a Verb, Part 2

Today, I have been baking for the finals week care packages I will be sending to my college boys. Dinner was not my priority! I did have a plan, though.

Chicken Cubes are a Freezer Favorite. Just a quick thaw, some veggies and a jar of alfredo sauce, a sprinkle of bacon bits, and California Chicken was bubbling in the oven. That is the other reason I love to George my chicken. It is great cut into cubes and frozen. Those little bite sized chunks are delish and they make great casseroles on busy, busy days!


Peculiar Blogs said...

chicken cubes! Great idea! those would be handy in a myriad of things! :-) Do you have a particular freezer bag you like? I have been having some problems with freezer burn lately.

Lisa Marshall said...

I have been happy with the Aldi brand--but then things tend not to stay in my freezer too long. I really use this stuff!