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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Puzzles and firetrucks

Well, I was supposed to be decorating the house for Christmas today, but not much got done.
I bought a puzzle last night at the "Keeping Christ in Christmas" workshop. Christian really wanted to start it today, so we did. I love those unstructured days when we can play.

Things were going well when he doorbell rang. Hmm. No one there. But there was this strange scent of smoke in the air. Not living in California, this is rare. Next thing we know, we see smoke billowing over the roof. My son runs to the back of the house. He returns exclaiming that our back yard is on fire. Just then, the firetrucks pull up, break down the neighbor's gate, and start hauling out hoses. So glad to say I wasn't even cooking! The cable guy did it. Really.

To calm down, we did a bit more puzzle time. Before I know it, my hubby walks through the door. So glad we are having Meatballs Roma tonight. Since the freezer is stocked, all I have to do is microwave the meatballs and grill some veggies on my brand new big Foreman grill. I love my kitchen system when life gets...well, lazy and unpredictable--both!

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