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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ancho Chili Shrimp Salad

If you want to turn down the heat just a bit, but still want the taste of pepper, try this. Rather than sprinkling my shrimp salad with Chipotle powder, I used Ancho Pepper tonight. Same smokiness, less heat for hubby. Ancho powder is a smoked Poblano pepper. milder than it's chipotle/jalapeno cousin. Hubby liked it tonight.

I just mixed the chili powder with a little onion powder and a touch of salt. This got sprinkled over the shrimp while they were cooking, after a little squirt of lime juice. I sprinkled again when the shrimp were on the salad. Simple, but very tasty.

For the dressing, I stirred together equal parts of salsa and ranch dressing. So that is easy enough, right? A low cal, low carb dinner in ten minutes. Definitely another E.Z. Fix recipe at the Diner.

We were camping this last weekend, so I didn't get my prep cooking done. I got the grocery store done today, and I will do a short prep tomorrow. Good thing salads like this one are quick and easy. The boys who don't like shrimp got some Mexican Minute Beef from the freezer. Another favorite for sure!

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