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Thursday, May 13, 2010

George's Chicken with "Supposed to be Creamy" Swiss

Real life. Sometimes it is great. Sometimes not. Tonight's dinner for my guys should have been a no brainer. It will be for you if you don't over cook your most expensive ingredients. Still edible, but not as pretty.

I grilled up some chicken breasts. Easy. I decided to make a Swiss cheese sauce on the side. That is one of the ideas from the E.Z. Fix section of the e-book. Tonight, I choose to make it on the stove top. Good decision until I set it back on a burner that I thought was turned off. I took my lovely, creamy cheese sauce and over cooked it. It ended up with little bits of chewy cheese bites as the cheese and cream separated. So you get the ugly photo because that really is what I served. Just a couple of minutes earlier, and it would have been velvety smooth. I know you can do better than I did tonight, so if you wanna try it...

Just add some real cream to the sauce pan and let it heat. I used about 1/3 cup cream and stirred often. Then I added 4 cheese slices, but shredded is easier. Once that melts, keep it over low heat and stir well until it is creamy. Then DON'T put it back on the stove, but rather, spoon it over some lovely George grilled chicken. Yummy.

Add a salad and you are ready to go.

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T2Nashville said...

I think we all have kitchen catastrophes that we could blog about. This still looks quite tasty! I would have eaten it, too!