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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Broccoli with Sun Dried Tomato Cheese Sauce

No need to eat boring broccoli with this saucy topper. We made extra grilled chicken while the coals were hot last night, so this became a great easy lunch. The sauce on the broccoli came about because I wanted to try out the sun dried tomatoes I recently purchased. This is pretty enough for fancy holiday dishes--though this is just an ordinary Tuesday.

Sun Dried Tomato Cheese Sauce

3 ounces cream cheese
2 Tablespoons dried tomato chips, rehydrated in a little water
1 Tablespoon parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon fresh minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon pesto
water to thin as needed

Add water to soften tomato chips. Warm the cream cheese in a microwave for about 30 seconds. Add tomatoes, cheese, garlic and pesto. Stir well and add water a spoonful at a time until you reach the desired consistency. Serve over steamed veggies.

I sprinkled some bacon bits and a few more dried tomatoes over the sauce after spooning it over the broccoli. This would be really nice with cauliflower too, just not as pretty. I love the frozen broccoli from Sam's Club. It is really high quality with no stem pieces which are tough. We are all out of the house tonight, so dinner will be more like lunch--a meal on the go!


Anonymous said...


I had this for dinner last night.....YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY! Such a nice variation for broccoli. Thank you! Ebonee, Durham, NC

Unknown said...

Can you not just use sun-dried tomatoes from a jar???