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Monday, March 28, 2011

Italian Sausage with Secret Alfredo Sauce

Shh. If you don't mention it, they might not even notice. This unassuming plate of Alfredo has a big secret--chia seed gel. I used it to extend the normal sauce. The non flavored gel offers big nutrition, but no flavor at all. It extends the flavor of my sauce rather than diluting it, but lowers the fat and the calories. It even cuts the carbs because of the great fiber content. Chia seeds are themselves highly nutritious, boosting protein.

Sure there are some little seeds floating around in my sauce--but they don't look gross.In fact my guy did not even notice they were there. He just kept telling me how outstanding the dish was. He loves Italian sausage. He loves cabbage. He doesn't know that he also loves chia seeds.

This month's newsletter has more chia seed ideas. Can you tell that is what I am working on today? The Diner news will feature all sorts of low carb specialty products, so watch for it in your mailbox on April 1. Maybe chia seeds could be your little April Fools trick too!


GrannyMumantoog said...

Looks good. Is there a recipe for this? I don't seem to be getting a newsletter. I thought it was part of what I got when I bought the ebook. Is there somewhere else I have to go to sign up? Thanks, Sue

Lisa Marshall said...

I have an alfredo recipe in the e-book. This method can be used with that or with a jarred alfredo. That is what this is.

We ran a promo at first that the newsletter was free for one year with purchase of the e-book, but that offer ended a while back. If yoy want to order the newsletter, it is just $6 a year, and you can order on the website.