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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Leviathan Burger

Bigger is an understatement. This is a party burger. Or at least burger for a fun family night. The directions are in the Diner newsletter for May. In fact, the entire newsletter is devoted to the All American Burger.

We used to go to this little burger place that sold a similar giant burger. It was fun to feed the whole family from one sandwich. It is not too hard to make, and tastes great. I used a bun recipe adapted from the coconut flour cheese biscuit recipe. It is excellent. The hubby loved it. His idea of heaven is a 2 1/2 pound hamburger patty. I am pretty sure that bigger burger from years ago could not claim that poundage!

When he ran to the grocery this morning, they were out of lean ground beef-- which is best to use since this giant patty goes into the oven on a cookie sheet. If you use cheaper grinds, the amount of fat that releases is likely to cause problems. Just picture hot grease running down your arm or the oven floor. Yes, lean is the way to go. Since I could not get any better than 80/20 today, I added super lean ground turkey to the beef mix. It gave the beef a bit of a moddled appearance, but everyone agreed that it tasted great. And the fact that I didn't start a grease fire in the oven is certainly a plus!

If you would like the instructions on how I accomplished this king of burgers, please consider ordering the newsletter. It is just 6 bucks a year, 50 cents an issue, and I work pretty hard at creating and adapting new recipes and adding a few from here on my blog as well.

It is a super busy time here at our house. I had a professional convention to work the last couple of days, and we are getting ready for graduation in less than a week. Still so much to do. But then, I know everyone is busy--that is how the Diner system saves us!


Joan said...

It is a wonderful newsletter too! I get so many ideas from it and look forward to getting it every month.

Bulasan said...

Aweseome, gonna try this aswell. :-)